Red Wine

Amarone & Food Pairing

Rich, syrupy and dry, Amarone pairs best with duck, lamb, venison, beef short ribs,  liver and onions, braised beef, hearty stews and rich pasta like beef stroganoff.  Loaded with rich flavours of bitter chocolate, cherries, raisins, leather, [...]

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Vinsobres & Food Pairing

A full-bodied Vinsobres pairs well with beef ribs, lamb chops, and venison stew, while a medium-bodied Vinsobres pairs with chicken parmesan and tomato-based pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs. Best Food with Vinsobres Vinsobres is [...]

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Best Merlot & Food Pairings

Merlot, when made in a medium-bodied style, pairs best with duck, meatloaf, pepperoni pizza, beef fajitas, pulled pork, osso bucco, kielbasa and lasagna. Plush with juicy flavours of plum and cherries, Merlot also features notes of bittersweet [...]

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Australian Shiraz & Food Pairings

Australian Shiraz pairs best with grilled or roasted meaty dishes such as Hamburgers, Roast Beef, Steak, Lamb, Venison, Wild Boar.  Notes of jammy fruit, dark chocolate, spice, smoke and black pepper dominate the nose of Australian [...]

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Cabernet Sauvignon & Food Pairings

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine packed with tannin and pairs best with meaty dishes like steak, venison stew, roast beef, ostrich, squab, roasted lamb and duck.  With aged Cabernet Sauvignon, the tannins are softer, [...]

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Pinot Noir & Food Pairings

Pinot Noir pairs best with dishes with a hint of earthiness such as Veal Marsala, Mushroom Pasta, Grilled Salmon, Shepherd's Pie, Beef Wellington and Lamb Chops.  Pinot Noir is a light, acidic and fruity red wine [...]

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Zinfandel & Food Pairings

A fruity and medium-bodied Zinfandel pairs best with rich and robust foods like grilled Hamburgers, BBQ Ribs, Chinese Takeout, Liver and Onions, Baked Beans, Roasted Lamb and Pulled Pork.  Zinfandel is a rich red wine with flavours [...]

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Cabernet Franc & Food Pairing

Cabernet Franc is a wonderful red wine to pair with vegetarian fare such as vegetarian lasagna, meatless chilli, lentil soup, grilled vegetable sandwiches and Mediterranean Pizza topped with goat cheese, broccoli, olives and fire-roasted red peppers.  [...]

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