French Wine

Roussanne & Food Pairing

Roussanne pairs best with Bouillabaisse, Cauliflower Steak, French Onion Soup, Grouper, Shellfish and Turkey. French Roussanne from the Rhône Valley is a full-bodied but moderate wine with medium acidity.  Creamy yet crisp, Roussanne smells like apricot, [...]

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Sauternes & Food Pairing

Sauternes pairs best with Blue Cheese, Foie Gras, Lobster Bisque, Fruit-based desserts, and Spicy Asian and Thai dishes.Sauternes is one of the world's most unique and unforgettable wines, with a rich and decadent flavour. The wine is [...]

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Sancerre & Food Pairing

Sancerre pairs best with Goat Cheese, Shrimp Scampi, Roast Turkey, Asparagus, Ceviche, Cioppino and Crab Cakes.  Light meats, seafood, and green vegetables are all delicious with a crisp and cold glass of Sancerre. Sancerre is a French [...]

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Cornas & Food Pairing

Cornas is a full-bodied red wine from France that pairs best with Lamb, Duck, Cassoulet, Grilled Venison and Wild Boar Sausages. Made entirely from Syrah, Cornas is fruity with cassis, cherry and raspberry, along with savoury [...]

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