A full-bodied Vinsobres pairs well with beef ribs, lamb chops, and venison stew, while a medium-bodied Vinsobres pairs with chicken parmesan and tomato-based pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs.

Best Food with Vinsobres

Vinsobres is a French appellation that produces only red wines and is located in the southern section of the Rhone Valley. To make these rich, red wines, Syrah and Grenache are used and blended. The Syrah grape adds savoury and spicy notes, while the Grenache smooths out the tannin and adds bright cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavours to this red wine. Mourvèdre can also be blended in, adding dark fruit flavours as well as gamey and spicy overtones. Because all three grapes have peppery scents, you will always smell white or black pepper no matter how your Vinsobres is blended.

Vinsobres can be consumed young or matured in the bottle for 5 to 10 years. When Vinsobres is young, it tastes crisp and pairs well with basic chicken, beef, lamb, and venison dishes. When aged, the Syrah grape develops truffle, violet, musk, and leather flavours, making Vinsobres suitable for mushroom dishes, substantial stews, and slow-cooked feasts where the food will have delicate but rich flavours.

Vinsobres is a red wine with balanced acidity (which means it has more acidity than tannin), making it exceptional with tomato-sauce based pasta dishes and stews.

Pair young bottles of Vinsobres with simple pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, pasta Bolognese, hamburgers, and braised beef short ribs.

Meanwhile, pair older bottles of Vinsobres with pasta dishes or stews that will appreciate the more complex flavours of game, mushroom and earth found in the wine, such as beef stew, cottage pie, venison steaks and mushroom-based pasta dishes. High in alcohol, you’ll want to keep Vinsobres away from spicy foods, as the wine will pronounce the fiery nature of the spice.

Fun Fact: Vinsobres is a play on words that means “wine” and “sober.”