Albariño is a white wine that pairs best with shellfish, tilapia, pho bo, sushi, tapas, Caesar Salad, and Chinese food takeout.  With its round body and citrus, apple, mineral, peach and melon flavours,  Spanish Albariño is the ideal wine for kicking back on the patio and enjoying it with a wide variety of shared dishes and finger foods.

Best Food with Albariño

Albariño & Scallops Pairing

A Spanish Albariño features fresh flavours of apple, apricot, citrus and peach, which boost the sweet but mild flavours of Scallops.  High in acidity, Albariño works as a liquid highlighter when sipped with each bite of scallops, as acidity is a natural flavour enhancer.  For example, when you eat salad with a vinaigrette (which is acidic), the green flavours of your salad taste much more vibrant and alive.  The same principle applies to the acidity found and wine and food.  Meanwhile, Albariño also features a mineral tang that complements the briny sea flavours of Sea Scallops.

The crisp but round flavours of Albariño makes it a perfect pairing for creamy seafood dishes or anything that comes out of the ocean like grilled shellfish, shrimp scampi, sardines, deep-fried calamari,  halibut, ceviche, steamed mussels or crab legs.

Albariño & Sushi Pairing

Elegant, crisp, and juicy with its round peach and melon flavours, Albariño is a delicious wine to pair with Sushi. Rainbow Roll, King Crab, Boston Roll, Spicy Tuna, Tiger Roll, and Tempura all adore the saline-laced minerality of Albariño.

Not only is Albariño food-friendly and fresh, at $15 a bottle, it’s inexpensive, making it an ideal for large gatherings at your favourite all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant. Keep in mind, the restaurant will charge you more than $15 for that bottle if it’s on their wine list. But you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with Albariño as it will make the Sushi taste better and ensure you have a fabulous night out.

Albariño & Spaghetti alle Vongole Pairing

If you have ever been to the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, then you know just how much they love their clams. A big bowl of Spaghetti alle Vongole is always ordered for special occasions and celebrations amongst Spaniards. There is no surprise because this dish has all the ingredients needed to create a flavorful meal: carbs, protein and vegetables (the clam sauce).

The briny broth from the clams infuses your pasta with the taste of the seaside, which is complemented by the mineral flavours of a chilled glass of Albariño. Meanwhile, the crisp flavours of peach, apple, apricot, melon and citrus provide a refreshing contrast against the saltiness of Spaghetti alle Vongole.

Chinese Food Takeout & Albariño Pairing

Albariño is wonderful with Chinese Food Takeout due to its acidic character and ability to mix with a wide range of flavours and conquer the saltiness and spiciness of popular takeout dishes.  For example, Albariño’s creamy texture pairs well with the earthy flavours of egg rolls, spare ribs, and stir-fried rice.  However, Albariño does not get along with beef, which overpowers this white wine. However, since most Chinese takeaway focuses on pork, chicken, and shrimp, you should be fine. Even if there is beef, it will not be a problem because it is usually a small part of the dish rather than the main ingredient.

Due to a lack of oak ageing, Albariño is low in tannin, so it will get along great with spicy food.  Thus, if you love to add a dash of hot sauce or Sriracha to your takeout, you can count on Albariño to tone down the intensity, letting you to taste all of the vibrant flavours that had previously gone unnoticed.

Albariño & Cauliflower Soup Pairing

A delicious bowl of Cauliflower soup is often made from roasted cauliflower blended with butter, cream, or melted cheese.  The round flavours of Albariño naturally complement the rich flavours of a hot bowl of Cauliflower soup.  Meanwhile, the mineral and almond flavours of Albariño jive naturally with the nutty and sweet earthy flavours of Cauliflower.  Finally, the high acidity of Albariño washes the creamy fats of the soup off your taste buds in between sips of soup.  This ensures each spoonful of Cauliflower soup tastes just as fresh as the last one.

What is Alvarinho?

Albariño produced in Portugal is called Alvarinho and is much lighter than a Spanish Albariño making it less versatile with food, but perfect for lighter fish, shellfish and vegetarian dishes. I haven’t drank much Alvarinho myself, but I do frequently enjoy Vinho Verde which is a Portuguese White Wine that is a blend of Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura.