Chablis pairs best with bright and clean flavoured dishes such as Oysters, Goat Cheese, Cauliflower Soup, Smoked Trout, Pork Tenderloin, Grouper, and Sushi. Chablis is an unoaked (or lightly oaked) Chardonnay from France that displays tart flavours of citrus and green apple and an unmistakable chalky minerality.

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Best Food with Chablis

Chablis & Raw Oysters Pairing

What makes Chablis and Raw Oysters such a great pairing is that the mineral sea-breeze character of Chablis complements the oysters’ briny character.  The quiet confidence of Chablis offers up snappy lemon and green apple that are refreshing against the saltiness of the Oysters while electrifying the sweet and buttery notes of this delicious shellfish.

You don’t need to limit Chablis to just Oysters as this crisp white wine is exceptional with all shellfish including Crab Legs, Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops and  Moules Frites.

Pork Tenderloin & Chablis Pairing

Pork Tenderloin is a lean cut of meat lacking a lot of fat, thus, it lacks a lot of flavour.  As Pork Tenderloin is mild, you don’t want to overwhelm it with a bold white wine as it will crush the meat’s subtle flavours.  With its crisp flavours of green apple, citrus and lemon, Chablis strikes the perfect notes in adding a touch of refreshing flavour while not overwhelming the tender pork tenderloin flavours.

Pork Tenderloin is a mild-tasting meat and is often stuffed with other ingredients, such as apricots, apples, spinach, and mushrooms, to make it taste more exciting.  The citrus and apple notes of Chablis complement any fruit stuffed in, while the chalky and flinty minerality of Chablis complements any earthier vegetables.

Avocado and Chablis

Avocado is a rich and fatty fruit that has a creamy texture.  Whether you’re eating Avocado toast or guacamole, that creamy texture is going to clog up your taste buds, which will mute your taste buds after several bites.  Fortunately, the high acidity of Chablis scrubs right through the Avocado’s richness, making it an excellent pairing.

The refreshing but quiet citrus and apple flavours also offer a nice contrast to any salty corn chips or any starchy toast, rice or tortilla’s accompanying your avocado-based dish.

Tilapia & Chablis Pairing

Tilapia is a light fish with very little flavour, and it comes across as a little boring.  Thus, with its flavours of lemon, quince, and starfruit, Chablis adds a bit of life to your Tilapia, without overpowering it.  The chalky and flinty notes of Chablis add a perceived freshness to your Tilapia (which is often obtained frozen), as the minerality brings forth an essence of a riverbed to the meal.

Most people in North America eat Tilapia to eat healthy as it is low in fat and high in protein.  While Chablis contains alcohol, which isn’t often seen as healthy, serving a small glass of Chablis beside your Tilapia can help you stay the course as it will help you look forward to this meal.  All too often, we fall away from our diets as we crave fatty foods packed with flavour.  Chablis, while mild in flavour, packs enough intrigue to keep you interested in the meal and thus, satisfied.

For similar reasons, Chablis is an excellent wine pairing with Sea Bass.

Goat Cheese and Chablis

Chablis works well with Goat Cheese that is added to a dish, such as goat cheese on a salad or goat cheese slathered on a cracker. The crisp nature of Chablis, along with its high acidity, makes the creamy texture of the goat cheese stand out.  Finally, the sea-breeze flavours of Chablis complement the subtle saltiness you often find in Goat Cheese.

What are four quality levels of Chablis?

Petit Chablis:  An ordinary table wine that is often only found regionally.  Petit Chablis is tart and citrusy.
Chablis AOP:  The most common and abundant style of Chablis as it refers to any wine whose grapes are grown within the Chablis region.  Expect chalky flavours, along with citrus, pear and green apple.
Chablis Premier Cru AOP:  A very good quality of Chablis that comes from specific high quality vineyards.  Expect bolder flavours of lemon, along with more flinty characteristics.
Chablis Grand Cru:  The highest classification of Chablis as these wines are grown in the best soil in the area.  Chablis Grand Cru are often the most expensive due to a limited production.  Taste of Grand Cru Chablis varies from producer, and some Chablis Grand Cru may even be oak aged.