Frascati Secco is a dry and light white wine from Italy that pairs best with cold cucumber soup, seafood pasta, grilled shrimp salad, antipasto, crispy fried cod, and calamari.  Frascati is also low in alcohol, making it a gem with spicy seafood dishes.

Straw in colour, Frascati is a sleepy white wine with flavours of lemon, apricot, melon, peach, minerals, and bitter almond.  Frascati is typically a blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes and is made in a dry style.  Sweet wines do exist, and this will be marked on the bottle as “dolce.”  Frascati is incredibly inexpensive, but expect to pay more if you buy a richer and fuller-bodied Frascati Superiore.

Best Food with Frascati

Frascati & Chilled Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber soup is often thickened up by cream (or yoghurt) and flavoured with stock, and fresh herbs such as dill or mint.  Frascati makes a wonderful pair with Chilled Cucumber soup as the wine does not compete with the subtle flavours of the cucumber soup.  Instead, Frascati uses its acidity to lift up the the flavours of the soup so they are more pronounced and vibrant.

Frascati & Fried Calamari Pairing

Frascati is wonderful with fried Calamari as the mineral aspect of this dry white wine injects a touch of ocean breeze into your Calamari.  Meanwhile, the lemony flavours of Frascati help cut through any breading and grease of the Calamari and lifts the squid flavours up.

Seafood Pasta & Frascati Wine Pairing

Frascati is wonderful with lighter seafood pasta dishes, along with seafood salads containing grilled seafood, shrimp, lobster, or squid.  Shellfish is delicate in flavour, and you don’t want a heavy wine to crush their sea-kissed sweetness.  Instead, you want a light and crisp white wine such as Frascati to swoop in with is acidity and highlight all the seafood ingredients.

Frascati’s lovely apricot, peach, apple and pear flavours, along with its citrus and lemon notes, impart a refreshing essence, leaving you satisfied with each bite.

Frascati & Spicy Fried Chicken Pairing

My favourite pairing with Fried Chicken with some heat is Frascati. Frascati is low in alcohol, which is essential as high-alcohol wines taste like “burn” when paired up with hot sauce or chilli flakes.

When it comes to spicy fried chicken, I want a refreshing white wine that won’t get in the way of one of my favourite meals, and Frascati fits the bill perfectly. Apricot, peach, pear, and apple tickle my taste buds as the chicken and spicy flavours satisfy my cravings for some old fashioned country cooking.

Frascati & Antipasto

The traditional pairing for Frascati is for Antipasto. Antipasto is an assortment of bite-sized foods such as marinated vegetables, pickled foods, cured meats like prosciutto, olives, figs, and cheeses, which are meant to whet your appetite before you sit down and dine. Frascati works well with all of these foods as it’s acidic and refreshing. Thus it helps wash all the salt and fat away, keeping your mouth cleansed and allowing you to enjoy all the delicious foods spread out in front of you.