Fried Chicken pairs best with fruity and lively wines such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Sparkling Wine.  Acidity is a must with Southern Fried Chicken, as this classic dish is greasy and salty, meaning you need something refreshing to swoop in and wash all fats that clog your taste buds away.

Heavier red wines like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz will crush the delicate chicken flavours, so it’s best to choose a red wine that is light, fruity and fun.

Best Wines with Fried Chicken

Sparkling WineChampagneFried Chicken
Sparkling WineChampagneSouthern Fried Chicken
White WineOff-Dry RieslingKorean Fried Chicken
White WineGarnacha BlancaFried Chicken Basque Style
White WineOrvieto (DOC)Fried Chicken in Lemon Sauce
Sparkling WineCavaFried Chicken
Sparkling WineSparkling WineKFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
White WineVouvray, Demi-SecFried Chicken - Spicy
White WineSancerreFried Chicken
Sparkling WineSparkling WineFried Chicken
Red WineChénas - Beaujolais CruKFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
Red WineRégnié - Beaujolais CruFried Chicken
BeerBlack IPAFried Chicken
White WineFrascati - Dry (secco)Fried Chicken - Spicy
Sparkling WineProseccoFried Chicken
BeerLagerFried Chicken
Sparkling WineSparkling Wine, RoséFried Chicken
BeerAmerican Brown AleFried Chicken
Sparkling WineCrémant d'Alsace, WhiteFried Chicken
BeerAmerican Amber AleFried Chicken
White WineChardonnay, UnoakedFried Chicken
Red WineTempranillo - CrianzaFried Chicken
White WineFurmintFried Chicken
White WineVouvrayFried Chicken
White WineMuscadine (Sweet White)Fried Chicken - Spicy
White WineGrüner VeltlinerFried Chicken
Red WineChianti (DOCG) Fried Chicken
Red WineLambruscoFried Chicken
Sparkling WineSparkling ShirazFried Chicken
White WineRieslingFried Chicken
RoséRoséFried Chicken
White WineVermentinoFried Chicken
White WineSauvignon BlancFried Chicken
RoséTavelFried Chicken
Red WinePinot NoirFried Chicken
White WinePinot GrisFried Chicken

Champagne & Kentucky Fried Chicken Pairing

If you want to live large, there is nothing better than an expensive bottle of Champagne paired with a bucket of original Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The problem with fried foods is that they clog our taste buds up with fats, meaning as we continue to eat, we taste less and less.  With Champagne, this isn’t a problem as the acidic bubbles wash away all the fatty flavours of the skin, making each bite taste just as amazing as the first.

Champagne will deliver some rich flavours of bread, chalk, toast, citrus, vanilla, smoke and pear that complement and contrast the deep-fried goodness of KFC.  The saltiness of the KFC also makes these flavours burst in your mouth, as salt enhances everything it touches.  This fantastic combination of crispy chicken and your glass of bubbly is the perfect way to end your night, whether you’re cruising around in a limo, partying it up on a balcony, or rewarding yourself for surviving the week and making it to Friday.

Champagne is pricy, and worth the expense for special occasions, however, with Fried Chicken, any bottle of bubbly will work such as Prosecco, Cava, or a Sparkling Rosé.  If your Fried Chicken is spicy hot, choose something off-dry (or a little sweet), to help tame the heat.

Sancerre & Fried Chicken Pairing

High in acidity, Sancerre sheers through the fat and salt content of Southern Fried Chicken while imparting some grassy herbal flavours, which taste delicious when paired with Fried Chicken.  KFC is famous for its eleven herbs and spices, but who needs it when Sancerre delivers aromas of basil, oregano and rosemary. Sancerre also offers contrasting citrus, grapefruit, and pear notes that keep your mouth refreshed.

Sancerre is a French Sauvignon Blanc, and with Fried Chicken, any Sauvignon Blanc from around the world will work.  I wanted to highlight Sancerre as it is a bit chalky and smoky, which brings a bit of intrigue to the pairing, and is heightened by the saltiness of your Fried Chicken.

Keep Sancerre and Sauvignon Blanc away from fiery hot Fried Chicken, as the combination will taste like burn due to the alcohol levels of this crisp white wine.

Beaujolais Villages & Fried Chicken

Fruity, light and inexpensive, Beaujolais serves up amazing flavours of raspberry, strawberry and cherry, making it perfect with Fried Chicken on its own or on a sandwich.  Low in alcohol, Beaujolais Villages is the perfect pairing with spicy hot fried chicken, or for a country style lunch at the kitchen table.

Beaujolais also has more depth than it lets on, as you’ll find mysterious notes of spice, earth, clove and mineral that keep this soft and velvety wine interesting.

Riesling & Southern Fried Chicken Pairing

Riesling is a crisp and acidic wine featuring flavours of lemon, lime, peach and pair. Anything deep fried loves a lemony acidic component, as this acidity cuts through the grease and highlights the subtle flavours of your crispy Chicken.  This is why battered fish and chips or Chinese take-out deep-fried shrimp often come with a slice of lemon.

Riesling comes in a lot of styles, and a slightly spritzy and off-dry Riesling is my favourite pairing with fried Chicken.  The bubbles whisk away all the grease, and the slight sweetness provides a refreshing contrast against the savoury chicken flavours.

Korean Fried Chicken Vs Southern Fried Chicken

Riesling is also my top choice with Korean Fried Chicken.  The main difference between Korean Fried Chicken and Southern Fried Chicken in that the Korean version has not been dredged in flour and buttermilk.  The outer layer is thin layer of skin which is crispy, savoury and delicious!  Korean Chicken will have a bit of spice to it, making an off-dry Riesling a wonderful pairing as the tiny bit of residual sugar steals away some of the heat, allowing you to hone in on all the amazing flavours of the chicken dish.

Pinot Grigio & Fried Chicken Pairing

Pinot Grigio pairs well with Fried Chicken, as this mellow but fruity wine is accessible, light and crowd-pleasingly good.  High in acidity, Pinot Grigio delivers refreshing flavours of green apple, lemon, peach and pear.  You’ll also find subtle notes of mineral, flower petals, and smoke which are brought out by the saltiness of Fried Chicken.

Not every restaurant has an extensive wine list, however, Pinot Grigio is often available as it’s the best-selling white wine in the world due to its quiet but fresh flavours.  Pinot Grigio isn’t the first white wine I’d reach for when eating Southern Fried Chicken, however, I would still be happy to drink it with it any time of the day.