For the classic pan-fried Grilled cheese sandwich, an oaked Chardonnay will go well with the buttered up toast and melted cheese. Riesling or a sparkling wine like Prosecco are also excellent matches with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  You aren’t limited to white wines with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Fruity and acidic red wines like Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chianti and Beaujolais are all fantastic pairings with this gooey and toasty treat.

Best Wine with Grilled Cheese Sandwich

White WineChardonnayGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Sparkling WineProseccoGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Sparkling WineCavaGrilled Cheese Sandwich
BeerPilsnerGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Sparkling WineSparkling WineGrilled Cheese Sandwich
BeerAmerican Amber AleGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Red WineZinfandelGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Sparkling WineChampagneGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Red WineCahors AOCGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Red WinePinot NoirGrilled Cheese Sandwich
Red WineBarbera (DOC)Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Red WineBeaujolaisGrilled Cheese Sandwich
White WineRieslingGrilled Cheese Sandwich

Chardonnay & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For the classic Grilled cheese sandwich, a rich oaked Chardonnay will pair up with the buttery toasted bread, along with the gooey cheese.  Oak aging adds notes of smoke, butter, yeast and toast and all of these flavours complement the grilled sandwich bread.  Meanwhile, Chardonnay delivers smooth flavours of apples, lemon, melon, pineapple and tangerine that keep you refreshed in between bites.

Zinfandel & Grilled Cheese Pairing

If you love to dip your grilled cheese corners in ketchup, an inexpensive Zinfandel makes a fantastic wine pairing.  With juicy notes of blackberry, cherry, plum and strawberry, the perceived sweetness of Zinfandel stands up to the acidic and sugary ketchup.  Acidic if left unoaked, the fruit flavours of Zinfandel offer up lots of refreshment as it washes away the saltiness of the cheese.

The whispers of smoke, toast, spices, black pepper and nuts of Zinfandel adds further intrigue to this pairing and spices up the pairing without overwhelming delicious Grilled Cheese flavours.

Pinot Noir & Grilled Cheese with Bacon Pairing

If you want to add bacon strips to your cheesy creation, a Pinot Noir will satisfy your palate.  The refreshing and silky flavours of cherries and strawberries will wash away the grease and saltiness of the bacon, ensuring each bite tastes fresh.  Pinot Noir also has a mysterious side, as you’ll find earthy notes of forest floor and truffle that flirt with your taste buds while still remaining elegant.

Good Pinot Noir is expensive, so if you are having a simple Grilled Cheese at lunch, pick up a Beaujolais Villages which offers 75% of Pinot Noir’s appeal, at less than half the price.

Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup & Chianti

If the classic tomato soup is accompanying your grilled cheese, a Chianti will make for a great wine pairing. Chianti is high enough in acid, so the tomato soup won’t taste flat or metallic when paired with them. Chianti is also balanced with tannin, which breaks down the proteins in the cheese, making it taste even more delicious.

Known for its notes of cherry, tomato, herbs, and earth, Chianti comes across as fresh but rustic, making your Tomato Soup taste a little more like Italy.