Oaked Chardonnay pairs best with lighter meats and buttery dishes such as Crab Legs, Corn on the Cob, Chicken Alfredo, Grilled Shrimp, Seafood, Fish and Pork Tenderloin.

An oaked Chardonnay is a full-bodied white wine with lots of delicious flavours of butter, coconut, vanilla, and toast.  The vanilla and toast notes complement anything grilled, while the buttery flavours are perfect with dishes containing butter, such as Popcorn, Egg Dishes, Escargot, Lobster, and anything in a Cream sauce or cheese sauce, like Mac and Cheese.  In addition, Chardonnay has plenty of refreshing flavours of apple, lemon, peach, and pineapple that add a little zest to the meal.

With Chardonnay, the level of oak and butteriness can range from zero to intolerable and fake.  With my blog pairings, I’m looking at Chardonnay that falls somewhere in the middle as it is the most popular style of Chardonnay that you’ll see on shelves.  Here the buttery, vanilla, caramel and nutty flavours will be in balance with the fruit flavours.  The majority of oaked Chardonnay comes from California and Australia, although you’ll find Chardonnay produced all over the world.

Is Chablis a Chardonnay?

Yes, Chablis is a Chardonnay, except it is typically unoaked and it is made in a specific region of France.   Chablis is crisp, chalky and tart with notes of green apple. For unoaked Chardonnay pairing recommendations refer to my blog on Chablis.

In France, you’ll also find White Burgundy, which are rated as some of the greatest Chardonnays ever.   I will expand upon White Burgundy further on in other blogs as I feel it requires very different pairings than your typical California or Australian Chardonnay.

There are many fantastic Chardonnay bottles on the market, and there is also a lot of crap.  As oaked Chardonnay is popular and oak barrels are expensive, many mass-produced Chardonnay brands often experiment with cheaper wine-producing methods to deliver a less superior wine.  These methods could include bathing the wine in oak chips or adding artificial flavourings of vanilla or butter.  My recommendation is to pay about $25 for a good bottle of Chardonnay until you figure out what you enjoy the most.  Anything $15 or less will probably be fake, artificial and not worth drinking.

Best Food with Oaked Chardonnay

ChardonnayCorn on the Cob
ChardonnayCrab Legs
ChardonnayButter Sauce
ChardonnayMacaroni and Cheese
ChardonnayRoasted Chicken
ChardonnayBaked Chicken with Cream Sauce
Chardonnay (butter)Crab Cakes
ChardonnayCheddar Cheese
ChardonnayHavarti Cheese
ChardonnayCream Dishes/Sauces
Chardonnay, UnoakedEggs and Egg Based Dishes
ChardonnayEggs and Egg Based Dishes
ChardonnayGrilled Dishes
Chardonnay, UnoakedHalibut
Chardonnay, UnoakedMustard
ChardonnayPasta Alfredo
Chardonnay, UnoakedPesto
ChardonnayPolenta with Cheese and Mushrooms
ChardonnayPork Roasted
ChardonnayChicken Salad
ChardonnayHollandaise Sauce
ChardonnayGrilled Scallops
Chardonnay, UnoakedSea Bass Baked
Chardonnay, UnoakedSea Bass Roasted
ChardonnaySeafood in a Cream Sauce
ChardonnayGrilled Shrimp
ChardonnaySmoked Salmon
ChardonnayLemon Chicken
ChardonnaySole Sautéed
ChardonnaySole with a Cream Sauce
Chardonnay, UnoakedSole
ChardonnayNew England Clam Chowder (Creamy)
Chardonnay, UnoakedSpinach
ChardonnayStriped Bass
ChardonnaySwordfish Baked
ChardonnaySwordfish Broiled
ChardonnayGrilled Swordfish
Chardonnay, UnoakedTuna
ChardonnayGrilled Turbot
ChardonnayTurkey Roasted
ChardonnayVeal With Cream Sauce
ChardonnaySole with Lemon Butter Sauce
ChardonnayLemon Stuffed Chicken
ChardonnayPork Tenderloin
ChardonnayVegetarian Stir Fry
ChardonnayGrilled Cheese Sandwich
ChardonnaySeafood Macaroni and Cheese
ChardonnayPasta with Cheese Sauce
ChardonnayButter Chicken
ChardonnaySalmon Grilled on a Cedar Plank
ChardonnayLemon Sauce EscargotEscargot in Butter Sauce
ChardonnayPotato Leek Soup
Torres Gran Vina Sol Penedès - ChardonnayPike
Chardonnay, UnoakedBasil
ChardonnayBrillat Savarin Cheese
Chardonnay, UnoakedFeta Cheese
ChardonnayGouda Cheese
ChardonnayGruyère Cheese
ChardonnayMonterey Jack Cheese
ChardonnayProvolone Cheese
ChardonnayRicotta Cheese
ChardonnayCheese Sauce
ChardonnayCheese Dishes
ChardonnayBarbecued Chicken with Barbacue Sauce
Chardonnay, UnoakedChicken in a Cream Sauce
ChardonnayChicken with Curry Sauce
ChardonnayGrilled Chicken
ChardonnayChicken Kiev
ChardonnayChicken with Lemon or Lime
ChardonnayChicken with Mustard
ChardonnayChinese Cuisine
ChardonnayCoconut Milk
Chardonnay, UnoakedCrab
ChardonnayCrab Soft-Shell
ChardonnayCurry Dishes
Chardonnay, UnoakedOmelette with Cheese
Chardonnay, UnoakedOmelette with Lobster
Chardonnay, UnoakedOmelette with Smoked Salmon
Chardonnay, UnoakedQuiche
ChardonnayChicken Fajitas
ChardonnayFish with a Butter Sauce
ChardonnayGrilled Fish
Chardonnay, UnoakedCheese Fondue
ChardonnayFritto Misto
ChardonnayFruit Sauces
Chardonnay, UnoakedGuacamole
Chardonnay, UnoakedHam
ChardonnayIndian Cuisine
ChardonnayTandoori Chicken
ChardonnayWild Mushrooms
ChardonnayNutty Desserts
Chardonnay, UnoakedOysters
ChardonnayPasta with Creamy Seafood Sauce
ChardonnayPeanut Sauce
ChardonnayPork with a Creamy Sauce
ChardonnayPork With Fruit or Fruit Sauce
ChardonnayRed Snapper
Chardonnay, UnoakedRisotto with Vegetables
ChardonnayCaesar Salad
ChardonnayChef's Salad
Chardonnay, UnoakedSpinach Salad
Chardonnay, UnoakedSalmon
ChardonnaySalmon Poached with a Lemon Sauce
ChardonnayScallops Sautéed
ChardonnaySkate Sautéed
ChardonnayTrout Smoked
ChardonnayDover Sole
ChardonnayChicken Soup
ChardonnayCorn Chowder
ChardonnayCream of Mushroom Soup
ChardonnayLobster Bisque
ChardonnayPea Soup
ChardonnayPotato Soup
ChardonnaySushi Tuna
ChardonnaySweet Potato
Chardonnay, UnoakedTarragon
Chardonnay, UnoakedTrout in a Lemon Sauce
ChardonnayVeal Roasted
Chardonnay, UnoakedVegetarian Dishes
ChardonnayVegetarian Dishes that are Creamy
ChardonnayVegetarian Dishes Grilled
Chardonnay, UnoakedVietnamese Cuisine
Chardonnay, UnoakedOysters Raw
ChardonnayFish Tacos
Chardonnay, UnoakedFish Tacos
ChardonnayGrilled Vegetable Sandwich
Chardonnay, UnoakedGrilled Vegetable Sandwich
ChardonnayButternut Squash Soup
Chardonnay, UnoakedSalmon Burgers
ChardonnayPork Chops
ChardonnayChicken with a Leek and Mushroom Sauce
ChardonnayChinese Food Takeout/Buffet
ChardonnayTurkey Club Sandwich
ChardonnayHamburger with Grilled Pineapple
ChardonnayRed Mullet
ChardonnayFish Pie
Chardonnay, UnoakedPartridge with Cabbage
Chardonnay, UnoakedPerdirix aux Choux
ChardonnayChicken Alfredo
ChardonnayVenison Ricotta Ravioli
ChardonnayIrish Pancakes
ChardonnayVeal Marsala
ChardonnayCajun Jambalaya - Chicken
ChardonnayChicken Pot Pie
ChardonnayScalloped Potatoes
ChardonnayTamago Sushi/Sashimi
ChardonnayToriniku Yakitori
ChardonnayTsukune Yakitori
ChardonnayTebasaki Yakitori (wings) in Sauce
ChardonnayReba Yakitori
ChardonnaySalmon Teriyaki
ChardonnayFish Stuffed Dumplings
ChardonnayYaki-onigiri (grilled rice ball)
ChardonnaySumashi-jiru (clear broth soup)
ChardonnayShijimijiru/Asari (clam soup)
ChardonnayCauliflower Au Gratin
ChardonnayCauliflower Cake
Chardonnay, UnoakedVegetarian Pizza
ChardonnayGnocchi in a Sage & Butter Sauce
ChardonnayRavioli - Cream Sauce
ChardonnayPork Schnitzel
ChardonnayPaella Mixta
ChardonnayLemon Sauce EscargotEscargot de Bourgogne
ChardonnayNem Ran - Northern Vietnam Spring Rolls
ChardonnayRau Muong Xao Mam Tom
ChardonnayBun Moc - Pork Soup - Vietnamese
ChardonnayBún Thang
ChardonnayChao Ga - Chicken Rice Soup - Vietnamese
ChardonnayMi Ga - Chicken Noodle Soup - Vietnamese
ChardonnayCa Kho To (Fish - Tamarind Sauce)
ChardonnayCa Nuong - Vietnamese Roasted Catfish
ChardonnayCha Ca Hoi - Salmon Fish Cakes
ChardonnayTom Chien Com - Green Rice Coated Shrimp
ChardonnayTom Rang Muoi - Vietnamese Salted Prawns
ChardonnayBanh Beo - Shrimp & Pork Rice Cakes
ChardonnayBanh Xeo - Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes
ChardonnayGa Kho - Caramelized Chicken
ChardonnayGa Roti - Roasted Chicken
ChardonnayGà xào sả ớt - Lemongrass Spicy Chicken
ChardonnayThit Bo Nuong La Lot - Beef in Betel leaf
ChardonnayBaked Pike
ChardonnayGreen Chicken Curry
ChardonnayCrispy Roast Pig
ChardonnayCurry Kapitan
ChardonnayGulai Kambing
Chardonnay - ChileanNamul
ChardonnayThai Kai Yang
ChardonnayAmok Trey
Chardonnay - AustralianFire Pot Lamb
ChardonnaySweet and Sour Prawns
ChardonnayRoast Goose
ChardonnaySole Florentine
ChardonnayGrilled Haddock with Mustard Sauce
Sauvignon Blanc - Chardonnay BlendBuddha Jumps Over The Wall
ChardonnaySautéed Crabs with Noodles
ChardonnayMurg Makhani
ChardonnayGoan-style Mussels
ChardonnayAyam Masak Madu
Chardonnay, UnoakedShojin Ryori
ChardonnayZaru Soba
ChardonnayUnagi/Anago (eel) - Grilled
ChardonnayDuck à l'Orange
ChardonnayHainanese Chicken Rice
ChardonnayIkan Panggang / Ikan Bakar
Chardonnay, UnoakedUdang Nanas Lemak
Chardonnay, UnoakedTrout Smoked
ChardonnayTrout, Baked
ChardonnayKao Tang Na Tang
ChardonnayAsian Cuisine
ChardonnayAsiago Cheese
ChardonnayBel Paese Cheese
ChardonnayBrick Cheese
ChardonnayBrie Cheese
ChardonnayBûcheron Cheese
ChardonnayCamembert Cheese
ChardonnayCantal Cheese
ChardonnayColby Cheese
ChardonnayCotija Cheese
ChardonnayCream Cheese
ChardonnayGarrotxa Cheese
ChardonnayGoat Cheese
ChardonnayLancashire Cheese
ChardonnayParmesan Cheese
ChardonnaySaint-Felicien Cheese
ChardonnayTeleme Cheese
ChardonnayVacherin Cheese
ChardonnayVermont Shepherd Cheese
ChardonnayCheese Puffs
ChardonnayCheese Straws
Chardonnay, UnoakedFried Chicken
ChardonnayChicken with Tarragon
ChardonnayHabanero Chilie
ChardonnayBlack Cod
ChardonnayCornish Game Hen
ChardonnayCrab Dungeness
ChardonnayCreole Cuisine
ChardonnayCurry Dishes with Coconut
Chardonnay, UnoakedEggs Benedict
ChardonnayEgg and Ricotta Frittatas
ChardonnayQuail Eggs
ChardonnayBaked Fish
ChardonnayBlackened Fish
Chardonnay, UnoakedFish and Chips
Chardonnay, UnoakedFish with Cream Sauce
ChardonnayFish with Ginger
ChardonnayFish with Lemon
ChardonnayGarlic Roasted
ChardonnayGrouper Sautéed
ChardonnayHam with Pineapple
ChardonnayIndonesian Cuisine
ChardonnaySeafood Jambalaya
ChardonnayChicken Jambalaya
ChardonnayLobster with a Cream Sauce
ChardonnayBroiled Lobster
ChardonnayMorel Mushrooms
ChardonnayOysters in a Butter Cream Sauce
Chardonnay, UnoakedPistachios
ChardonnayGrilled Pork
Chardonnay, UnoakedProsciutto
ChardonnayRedfish Blackened
Chardonnay, UnoakedRisotto with Seafood
Chardonnay, UnoakedSalad
Chardonnay, UnoakedAsparagus Salad
ChardonnayCobb Salad
ChardonnayShrimp Salad
ChardonnayWhite Bean Salad
ChardonnaySalmon with Hollandaise Sauce
ChardonnayBLT Sandwich
ChardonnayCroque Monsieur
ChardonnayTurkey Sandwich
ChardonnayHoisin Sauce
ChardonnayTurkey Sausage
ChardonnayChicken Sausage
ChardonnayChorizo Sausage
ChardonnayScallops in a Cream Sauce
ChardonnaySea Bass
ChardonnaySea Bass Baked
ChardonnaySeafood Cocktail
ChardonnayGrilled Shellfish
ChardonnayShellfish with Mayonnaise Based Sauce
ChardonnayShrimp Cocktail
ChardonnayShrimp with Lemon
Chardonnay, UnoakedShrimp Scampi
Chardonnay, UnoakedSorrel
ChardonnayCrab Bisque
ChardonnayFish Chowder
ChardonnayFrench Onion Soup
ChardonnaySquash Soup
ChardonnaySweet Potato Soup
Chardonnay, UnoakedSoy Sauce
ChardonnayAcorn Squash
Chardonnay, UnoakedSushi
ChardonnaySweetbreads with Mustard
ChardonnaySwordfish Roasted
ChardonnayThai Cuisine
Chardonnay, UnoakedTuna Casserole
ChardonnayTuna with Pesto
ChardonnayVeal With Citrus Sauce
ChardonnayVeal with Morels
ChardonnayYogurt Sauces
ChardonnayZucchini Blossoms
ChardonnayZucchini Blossoms Fried
ChardonnayBroccoli Soup
ChardonnayBroccoli Salad
Chardonnay - OakedSwedish Meatballs
ChardonnayGreen Beans
ChardonnayPumpkin Pie
ChardonnayVichy Carrots
Chardonnay, UnoakedChicken Alfredo
ChardonnayChicken Parmesan
ChardonnayCottage Pie
ChardonnayShepherd's Pie
ChardonnayChicken Wings
ChardonnaySpaghetti and Meatballs
ChardonnayBarbecue Chicken Pizza
ChardonnayAgnolotti - Pasta
ChardonnayFilet Mignon
ChardonnayLentil Soup
ChardonnayVeal Chops
ChardonnayChicken Shawarma

Wolf Blass Chardonnay - Yellow Label

Corn on the Cob and Chardonnay Pairing

A holy grail of wine parings! The buttery flavours of an Oaked Chardonnay are spectacular with corn on the cob.  The buttery notes of the wine complement any butter on the corn, while the wine’s tropical and apple flavours offer refreshment against the fat, salt and starchy corn flavours. Both the wine and the Corn in the Cob bring out the best in each other as the wine highlights the corn’s sweeter flavour while the salt on the corn on the cob makes the Chardonnay taste more vibrant.

If you grill your corn on the cob after boiling it, the oaky, smoky and vanilla flavours of Chardonnay will complement your meal even further as they’ll saddle up beside the charred marks effortlessly.

Bonus tip, Chardonnay is exceptional with all things made with corn, such as Popcorn or Cornbread.

Chardonnay and Roasted Chicken

Chardonnay is an easy-drinking white wine that provides just the right level of juiciness to contrast the neutral flavours of your Roasted Chicken.  As Chicken can often end up being dry, Chardonnay’s lemon, pear, mango, pineapple and apple flavours serve up a refreshing balance.  Chardonnay’s vanilla and buttery flavours are exceptional with the crispy chicken skin.  Meanwhile, you’ll find a touch of smokiness in Chardonnay that complements the roasted flavours of Roasted Chicken.

In fact, you’ll find that Chardonnay is exceptional with a wide variety of Chicken dishes.  For example, Chardonnay is the best wine wine with Butter Chicken, Chicken Salad, Lemon Chicken, Chicken Kiev and Tandoori Chicken.  Chardonnay is also an exceptional wine pairing with Chicken Pot Pie as it complements the buttery and flakey crust.

For similar reasons, Chardonnay is exceptional with turkey, and other light meats like swordfish pike, shark and trout.

Perogies and Chardonnay Pairing

Chardonnay is my favourite wine pairing with Perogies.  The buttery flavours of an oaked Chardonnay complement the cheesy and potato stuffed Perogies making for a rich and decadent pairing.  The vanilla, coconut and toasty flavours will impart additional flavour regardless of if your Perogies are boiled or fried in butter.  The nutty flavours of Chardonnay also work beautifully with the Pierogi floured shell.  The full-bodied nature of Chardonnay also complements any sour cream dolloped upon your Perogies.

Should you serve fried onions and bacon with your Perogies, Chardonnay won’t complement those ingredients but instead offer a refreshing contrast with its bright pineapple, lemon, mango and pear flavours.

Chardonnay & Pasta Alfredo Sauce Pairing

A full-bodied Chardonnay is the best wine pairing with Alfredo Sauce as the creamy texture and buttery flavours of the wine complement the richness of the Alfredo sauce. Meanwhile, Chardonnay’s crisp apple, pear and lemon flavours will cut through the sauce and highlight the nutty pasta flavours.  Chardonnay also features nutty flavours that complement the nuttiness found in fresh pasta and parmesan cheese.

Once again, lean towards a mid-range oaked Chardonnay in terms of buttery flavours.  Chardonnay that is too buttery can often taste rancid and is undrinkable.  Or the wine can come off as way too sweet if it is loaded with fake vanilla flavourings.  Chardonnay should never smell like a scented candle.

Lobster Bisque & Chardonnay Pairing

The rich and creamy flavours of an oaked Chardonnay complement and enhance the decadence of the lobster bisque, leaving your mouth in heaven!  Furthermore, the tropical fruit, pear and apple notes rush in and deliver a refreshing hit of brightness with every sip.  The rich, salty, and bold flavour of Lobster Bisque can sap your taste buds after a couple of spoonful’s.  Fortunately, Chardonnay’s medium-acidity is ample enough to cut through the Lobster Bisque’s richness and reset your taste-receptors.

Chardonnay is excellent with all manner of seafood you’d add butter to, including Crab Cakes, grilled Monkfish, Dover Sole, Mussels, and Scallops.

Finally, and oaked Chardonnay is also excellent with other soups that contain heavy amounts of cream and butter such as Clam Chowder, Corn Chowder, Potato Leek Soup or Butternut Squash Soup.  The rich and toasty body of the wine complements the creamy and silky texture of the soup.  Meanwhile the ying and yang of the butter, nut, smoke of Chardonnay contrasted by the apple, peach and citrus flavours complements and contrasts each spoonful of soup adding a lot of intrigue and excitement to the pairing.

I have a blog on Lobster and Wine Pairings if you are interested in other lobster disches.