Crisp white wines with a citrusy tang like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or Vouvray pair best with Hawaiian Pizza.  Hawaiian Pizza is all about the balance of sweet and salty.  Thus, you’ll want a white wine with sweeter citrus flavours to complement the pineapple, as well as some acidity to wash away the saltiness of the ham.

Best Wine with Hawaiian Pizza

Riesling & Hawaiian Pizza Pairing

An off-dry Riesling is the best pairing with Hawaiian Pizza as this white wine counterbalances the saltiness of the ham while complementing the punchy pineapple flavours.  With dreamy aromas of tropical fruit, green apple, citrus, peach and pear, Riesling will keep you refreshed and satisfied with every bite of your slice.

A bone-dry Riesling will also work with Hawaiian Pizza, but I feel it won’t taste as refreshing against the saltiness of the ham, cheese and pizza crust.  You will want to stay away from sweet Rieslings, which are much too sugary for this pairing and are best reserved for fruity desserts like apple pie, cheesecake or lemon tarts.

Prosecco & Hawaiian Pizza Pairing

Prosecco is an Italian Sparkling Wine that has neutral flavours of apple, almond, lemon, lime and toast.  By neutral, I mean that you can taste the flavours in the wine, yet at the same time, they won’t overpower any food the sparkling wine is matched with.

A dry Prosecco (which is medium-dry) is slightly sweet, making it a beautiful match with Hawaiian Pizza as the sweetness complements the tingly pineapple flavours.  Meanwhile, the crisp bubbles wash away all your Pizza’s fat, salt and carbohydrates, ensuring you’ll taste every bite.

Any sparkling wine will work with Hawaiian Pizza, such as Cava or Champagne.  I chose to list Prosecco as the quality is always amazing for the price (it’s very inexpensive)

Vouvray & Hawaiian Pizza Pairing

A tender dry Vouvray (labelled as Tendre) from the Loire Valley in France features delicious flavours of pear, apricot, tropical fruit, and pear to complement the sweet pineapple flavours on your Pizza.  On top of the fruity profile of Vouvray, you’ll also find aromas of honeysuckle, chamomile, herbs and mineral, which adds even more character to this wine.  The mineral flavours of Vouvray also work well with the saltiness of the ham and cheese.

Vouvray ranges from dry to off-dry and to sweet.  You can also find it in still or sparkling forms.  Most styles of Vouvray will work with Hawaiian Pizza, except for sweet versions.  You’ll want to reserve a Sweet Vouvray with pear or apple pie, blue cheese, or foie gras.

Similar to picking out a Riesling, with Vouvray, you’ll want an off-dry, tendre, or demi-sec Vouvray for the best match.  Vouvray comes in every style, from dry to sweet and still to sparkling.  Both still and sparkling will work in this instance, provided the wine isn’t overly sweet.

Vouvray is also high in acidity, meaning it will rip through your Pizza’s fats, saltiness and heavy carbohydrates, making for a refreshing and clean pairing.  Additionally, the lightness of the wine doesn’t overpower the Pizza’s toppings, allowing the flavours to work together harmoniously.

Sauvignon Blanc and Hawaiian Pizza

Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine and not sweet at all.  Instead, Sauvignon Blanc is tart and tastes of grapefruit, lemon, lime and steel.  However, the citrus notes of this wine work perfectly with the pineapple topping.  Plus, Sauvignon Blanc has a bit of smoke or gunflint to it (especially if you pick up a Sancerre, which is a regional version of Sauvignon Blanc).  This smokiness is excellent with ham or roasted pork!

As with all the wines mentioned above, Sauvignon Blanc is crisp with acidity, meaning it will provide plenty of refreshment.  With Hawaiian Pizza, if you don’t wash the fats, salts and carbohydrates away, every bite of your slice will end up tasting muted as your taste buds are clogged.  With one sip of Sauvignon Blanc, expect instant refreshment.

Sauvignon Blanc also offers plenty of herbal notes, so if you love to dip your Pizza in Garlic Sauce, Sauvignon Blanc is your gal to pair up with.

Fiano di Avellino and Hawaiian Pizza Pairing

Fiano di Avellino is a white wine from Sicily, where you’ll find plenty of citrus, flower, apple, pear, and peach notes, alongside a crisp and tangy acidity.  Notes of Hazelnut are another feature of Fiano, and the nuttiness of the wine works well with the cheese on your Pizza.

If aged, you may also find teasing notes of honey and smoke, which complement the sweetness and savoury flavours of Hawaiian Pizza.  However, generally, you’ll want to drink Fiano young when it is fresh.