Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp and herbaceous white wine that pairs best with anything light and/or herbily, such as chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, ceviche, asparagus, focaccia, salad, bruschetta, cheese and vegetarian cuisine. With Sauvignon Blanc, expect acidic notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, melon, gooseberry and green apple. You’ll also find flavours of asparagus, stone, smoke, grass and herbs.

The high acidity of Sauvignon Blanc allows it to pair well with food, as acidity highlights or makes flavours taste more vibrant. If you’ve ever squeezed lemon on a Caesar salad, battered shrimp, or a piece of fish, you’ll understand this concept. The acidity of the lemon juice makes that dish taste even more delicious. The herbaceous flavours of Sauvignon Blanc also complement any dishes with herbs such as dill, oregano, basil, thyme, or rosemary.  Sauvignon Blanc is also lovely with salads such as Caesar salad, spinich salad or garden salads.

Sauvignon Blanc is produced worldwide, with classic examples coming out of France, New Zealand and South Africa. Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand was the first white wine I fell in love with due to its classic citrus tangy bite and gooseberry flavours. As it is my first love, I often find myself returning to it over and over again. France produces a Sauvignon Blanc style called Sancerre, which is known for its gunflint and minerality flavours, along with intense notes of gooseberry and peach. Sancerre is another white wine that I adore and will have a separate blog up for shortly.

In Napa and Sonoma California, Sauvignon Blanc might see a touch of oak that makes it taste richer, and this style of Sauvignon Blanc will pair up with similar foods, but often complements dishes that might have a lot of butter or fat to them, such as Asparagus drizzled with butter, or salmon burgers.

Best Food with Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon BlancCeviche
Sauvignon BlancArtichoke
Sauvignon BlancAsparagus
Sauvignon BlancAvocado
Sauvignon BlancBrie Cheese
Sauvignon BlancChevre Cheese
Sauvignon BlancGoat Cheese
Sauvignon BlancPesto
Sauvignon BlancClams
Sauvignon BlancCrab Cakes
Sauvignon BlancFish
Sauvignon BlancGuacamole
Sauvignon BlancHerbed Dishes
Sauvignon BlancMackerel
Sauvignon BlancMussels
Sauvignon BlancOysters
Sauvignon BlancPeas
Sauvignon BlancRed Bell Pepper
Sauvignon BlancGreen Bell Pepper
Sauvignon BlancSalad
Sauvignon BlancChicken Salad
Sauvignon BlancTomato Salad
Sauvignon BlancScallops
Sauvignon BlancSeafood
Sauvignon BlancShellfish
Sauvignon BlancShrimp
Sauvignon BlancTrout Smoked
Sauvignon BlancThai Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancTomatoes Raw
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Dishes
Sauvignon BlancOysters Raw
Sauvignon BlancTapas
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Vegetable Sandwich
Sauvignon BlancHerbed Sole
Sauvignon BlancSalmon Burgers
Sauvignon BlancShrimp, Leek, and Spinach Risotto
Sauvignon BlancBruschetta
Sauvignon BlancCajun Jambalaya - Seafood
Sauvignon BlancGreek Salad
Sauvignon BlancLeek Patties
Sauvignon BlancGarlic Bread
Sauvignon BlancShrimp Scampi
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Pizza
Sauvignon BlancPho Ga - Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup
Sauvignon BlancTilapia
Sauvignon BlancFried Whiting Fish
Sauvignon BlancAnchovies
Sauvignon BlancPenne alla Vodka
Sauvignon BlancAperitif
Sauvignon BlancApple
Sauvignon BlancSauteed Brussel Sprouts & Prosciutto
Sauvignon BlancArugula
Sauvignon BlancGreen Beans
Sauvignon BlancWhite Chocolate
Sauvignon BlancBeets
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Bluefish
Sauvignon BlancBrussel Sprouts
Sauvignon BlancCapers
Sauvignon BlancBrin D'Amour Cheese
Sauvignon BlancCarrots
Sauvignon BlancCheese
Sauvignon BlancCamembert Cheese
Sauvignon BlancCrottin Cheese
Sauvignon BlancHavarti Cheese
Sauvignon BlancRaclette Cheese
Sauvignon BlancRicotta Cheese
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Chicken
Sauvignon BlancHerbed Chicken
Sauvignon BlancChicken with Lemon or Lime
Sauvignon BlancRoasted Chicken with Garlic and/or Herbs
Sauvignon BlancChicken
Sauvignon BlancChinese Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancChives
Sauvignon BlancCoriander
Sauvignon BlancCorn
Sauvignon BlancCrab
Sauvignon BlancCrab Soft-Shell
Sauvignon BlancCrudité
Sauvignon BlancCumin
Sauvignon BlancCurry Dishes
Sauvignon BlancEggs and Egg Based Dishes
Sauvignon BlancOmelette with Vegetables
Sauvignon BlancFajitas with Peppers
Sauvignon BlancFish With Garlic
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Fish
Sauvignon BlancFish with Herbs
Sauvignon BlancFish Stew
Sauvignon BlancFlounder
Sauvignon BlancCheese Fondue
Sauvignon BlancFruit Sauces
Sauvignon BlancGarlic
Sauvignon BlancRed Gazpacho
Sauvignon BlancGinger
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Dishes
Sauvignon BlancGrouper
Sauvignon BlancHummus
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Jambalaya
Sauvignon BlancChicken Jambalaya
Sauvignon BlancCheddar Cheese
Sauvignon BlancLobster
Sauvignon BlancMint
Sauvignon BlancOlives
Sauvignon BlancPad Thai
Sauvignon BlancPasta Primavera
Sauvignon BlancQuesadillas
Sauvignon BlancRed Snapper
Sauvignon BlancLobster Risotto
Sauvignon BlancRosemary
Sauvignon BlancCaesar Salad
Sauvignon BlancCobb Salad
Sauvignon BlancSpinach Salad
Sauvignon BlancSalmon
Sauvignon BlancSalmon Poached with a Lemon Sauce
Sauvignon BlancTomato Sauce
Sauvignon BlancCoquilles St. Jacques
Sauvignon BlancShark
Sauvignon BlancSkate Sautéed
Sauvignon BlancSalmon Smoked
Sauvignon BlancSorrel
Sauvignon BlancFish Soup
Sauvignon BlancMinestrone Soup
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Stew
Sauvignon BlancTomato Soup
Sauvignon BlancVegetable Soup
Sauvignon BlancSemi-Sweet Chocolate
Sauvignon BlancSpinach
Sauvignon BlancSushi
Sauvignon BlancBeet and Arugula Salad
Sauvignon BlancTarragon
Sauvignon BlancTomatillos
Sauvignon BlancFried Green Tomato
Sauvignon BlancTuna
Sauvignon BlancTuna Carpaccio
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Tuna
Sauvignon BlancTuna Tartare
Sauvignon BlancVietnamese Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancVietnamese Cuisine Vegetarian
Sauvignon BlancVietnamese Cuisine with Seafood
Sauvignon BlancVinaigrette
Sauvignon BlancWasabi
Sauvignon BlancZucchini
Sauvignon BlancSun Dried Tomatoes
Sauvignon BlancWhite Asparagus
Sauvignon BlancBaba Ghanoush
Sauvignon BlancCabbage
Sauvignon BlancChicken Tacos
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Lasagna
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Stir Fry
Sauvignon BlancChinese Food Takeout/Buffet
Sauvignon BlancChicken Tortilla Soup
Sauvignon BlancChicken Kiev
Sauvignon BlancInsalata Tricolore
Sauvignon BlancRatatouille
Sauvignon Blanc (not so grassy)Potato Leek Soup
Sauvignon BlancIrish Colcannon Casserole
Sauvignon BlancCreole Jambalaya - Seafood
Sauvignon BlancPulled Pork
Sauvignon BlancKappa-maki Sushi/Sashimi
Sauvignon BlancShiso Leaf Tempura
Sauvignon BlancGreen Bean Tempura
Sauvignon BlancOkra Tempura
Sauvignon BlancVeggie Burgers
Sauvignon BlancMixed Yakitori
Sauvignon BlancNegima Yakitori
Sauvignon BlancNegima Yakitori (Scallion) in Sauce
Sauvignon BlancTebasaki Yakitori
Sauvignon BlancIkada Kushiyaki
Sauvignon BlancEggplant Parmesan
Sauvignon BlancOkonomiyaki - Seafood
Sauvignon BlancTzatziki Sauce
Sauvignon BlancYakisoba
Sauvignon BlancDumplings, Asian
Sauvignon BlancShabu Shabu Ponzu
Sauvignon BlancNegitorodon Donburi
Sauvignon BlancPonzu (citrus sauce)
Sauvignon BlancNamasu (Daikon radish & carrots salad)
Sauvignon BlancWakame Salad (seaweed)
Sauvignon BlancPotato Salad
Sauvignon BlancTom Yum Soup
Sauvignon BlancNiçoise Salad
Sauvignon BlancXiang Su Quan Ya - Vietnamese Crispy duck
Sauvignon BlancThai Beef Salad
Late Harvest Sauvignon BlancCheesecake
Sauvignon BlancGeneral Tso's Chicken
Sauvignon BlancFrench Fries
Sauvignon BlancCorn on the Cob
Sauvignon BlancCha Phung - Royal Omelette
Sauvignon BlancSpring Rolls
Sauvignon BlancGoi Ngo Sen - Lotus & Prawn Salad
Sauvignon BlancGoi Tom - Shrimp Salad
Sauvignon BlancBanh Canh Cua - Crab Soup - Vietnamese
Sauvignon BlancMi Hoanh Thanh - Vietnamese Wonton Soup
Sauvignon BlancSup Mang Cua - Vietnamese Soup
Sauvignon BlancPho Bo - Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Sauvignon BlancBanh Duc Tom Chay - Rice Cake with Dried Shrimp
Sauvignon BlancCa Nuong - Vietnamese Roasted Catfish
Sauvignon BlancCha Ca Thang Long - Fish with Dill
Sauvignon BlancChao Tom - Prawn Paste on Sugar Cane
Sauvignon BlancMien Xao Cua - Crab & Glass Noodles
Sauvignon BlancMuc Rang Muoi - Fried Squid with Spices
Sauvignon BlancBanh Chung Chien - Pan Fried Tet Rice Cakes
Sauvignon BlancBo Xao Sa - Beef With Lemongrass
Sauvignon BlancEch Chien Sa Ot - Lemongrass Frog
Sauvignon BlancThit Heo Nuong Xa - grilled pork with lemongrass
Sauvignon BlancThit Ga Let Chien - Chicken pan-fried with garlic
Sauvignon BlancSom Tam Teang
Sauvignon BlancCucumber and Bagoong Salad
Sauvignon BlancThod Mun Pla
Sauvignon BlancIkayaki
Sauvignon Blanc - OakedAmok Trey
Sauvignon BlancSteamed Seafood with Soy and Ginger
Sauvignon BlancBrill
Sauvignon BlancCrab Legs
Sauvignon BlancFocaccia
Sauvignon BlancAsian Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancLamb Gyro
Sauvignon BlancBagna Cauda
Sauvignon BlancFish with Barbacue Sauce
Sauvignon BlancBass
Sauvignon BlancBitter Food
Sauvignon BlancBluefish
Sauvignon BlancBrandade
Sauvignon BlancLemon Sauce Escargot
Sauvignon BlancBroccoli
Sauvignon BlancBroccoli Rabe
Sauvignon BlancCajun Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancCaraway Seeds
Sauvignon BlancCaribbean Cusine
Sauvignon BlancCelery
Sauvignon BlancCharcuterie
Sauvignon BlancBrick Cheese
Sauvignon BlancBûcheron Cheese
Sauvignon BlancDerby Cheese
Sauvignon BlancFeta Cheese
Sauvignon BlancGruyère Cheese
Sauvignon BlancPave Affinois Cheese
Sauvignon BlancReblochon Cheese
Sauvignon BlancSaint-Felicien Cheese
Sauvignon BlancSelles-Sur-Cher Cheese
Sauvignon BlancTeleme Cheese
Sauvignon BlancChervil
Sauvignon BlancChicken with Artichokes
Sauvignon BlancFried Chicken
Sauvignon BlancGarlic Chicken
Sauvignon BlancChile Rellenos
Sauvignon BlancAncho Chilie
Sauvignon BlancJalapeño Chilie
Sauvignon BlancSerrano Chilie
Sauvignon BlancCitrus
Sauvignon BlancCod
Sauvignon BlancCollard Greens
Sauvignon BlancCrab Dungeness
Sauvignon BlancChicken Tikka Masala
Sauvignon BlancCrab with Grapefruit
Sauvignon BlancCream Dishes/Sauces
Sauvignon BlancCreole Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancCucumber
Sauvignon BlancDim Sum
Sauvignon BlancDeviled Eggs
Sauvignon BlancHuevos Rancheros
Sauvignon BlancEnchiladas
Sauvignon BlancEscabeche
Sauvignon BlancLemon Sauce EscargotEscargot
Sauvignon BlancBarbecued Fish
Sauvignon BlancBlackened Fish
Sauvignon BlancFish and Chips
Sauvignon BlancFish with Lemon
Sauvignon BlancPan Fried Fish
Sauvignon BlancSteamed Fish
Sauvignon BlancFried Foods
Sauvignon BlancTropical Fruit
Sauvignon BlancGefilte Fish
Sauvignon BlancGrapefruit
Sauvignon BlancGreek Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancHaddock
Sauvignon BlancHaricot Verts (French Green Beans)
Sauvignon BlancHerring (Smoked Fish)
Sauvignon BlancHorseradish
Sauvignon BlancChicken Liver
Sauvignon BlancMango
Sauvignon BlancMiddle Eastern Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancMushrooms
Sauvignon BlancOyster Mushrooms
Sauvignon BlancPasta with Tomato Sauce
Sauvignon BlancPike
Sauvignon BlancSteak Tartare
Sauvignon BlancRadishes
Sauvignon BlancRedfish Blackened
Sauvignon BlancAsparagus Risotto
Sauvignon BlancRisotto with Seafood
Sauvignon BlancAsparagus Salad
Sauvignon BlancBeet Salad with Goat Cheese
Sauvignon BlancGreen Salad with Goat Cheese
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Vegetable Salad
Sauvignon BlancSalmon Tartare
Sauvignon BlancSalmon with Dill
Sauvignon BlancSalt Cod
Sauvignon BlancSamosas
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Cocktail
Sauvignon BlancSeafood in a Garlic Sauce
Sauvignon BlancGrilled Shellfish
Sauvignon BlancShellfish with Mayonnaise Based Sauce
Sauvignon BlancShrimp Cocktail
Sauvignon BlancFish Smoked
Sauvignon BlancLemon Sauce EscargotSnails
Sauvignon BlancSole
Sauvignon BlancDover Sole
Sauvignon BlancBorscht
Sauvignon BlancBouillabaisse
Sauvignon BlancCream of Mushroom Soup
Sauvignon BlancCucumber Soup (cold)
Sauvignon BlancPea Soup
Sauvignon BlancRed Pepper Soup
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Soup
Sauvignon BlancSouthwestern Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancSoy Sauce
Sauvignon BlancSpinach and Feta Cheese Pastry
Sauvignon BlancStriped Bass
Sauvignon BlancSushi Mackerel
Sauvignon BlancSweetbreads
Sauvignon BlancSwiss Chard
Sauvignon BlancSwordfish
Sauvignon BlancSwordfish with bacon
Sauvignon BlancSwordfish with Lemon Butter Sauce
Sauvignon BlancSwordfish Roasted
Sauvignon BlancTabbouleh
Sauvignon BlancTapenade
Sauvignon BlancTempura
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Tempura
Sauvignon BlancTex Mex Cuisine
Sauvignon BlancThai Basil
Sauvignon BlancTortilla Chips
Sauvignon BlancTrout
Sauvignon BlancTurkey
Sauvignon BlancTurkey Roasted
Sauvignon BlancWiener Schnitzel
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Dishes with Goat Cheese
Sauvignon BlancVegetarian Dishes Stir Fried
Sauvignon BlancYogurt
Sauvignon BlancYogurt Sauces
Sauvignon BlancZucchini Blossoms
Sauvignon BlancZucchini Blossoms Fried
Sauvignon BlancAioli
Sauvignon BlancFish Tacos
Sauvignon BlancBroccoli Soup
Sauvignon BlancBroccoli Salad
Sauvignon BlancCalamari
Sauvignon BlancChicken with a Leek and Mushroom Sauce
Sauvignon BlancSeafood Macaroni and Cheese
Sauvignon BlancCorned Beef and Cabbage
Sauvignon BlancTuna Casserole
Sauvignon BlancChicken Pot Pie
Sauvignon BlancPotato Soup
Sauvignon BlancScalloped Potatoes
Sauvignon BlancSauerkraut Soup
Sauvignon BlancCaprese Salad
Sauvignon BlancCroque Monsieur
Sauvignon BlancHawaiian Pizza
Sauvignon BlancGnocchi in a Sage & Butter Sauce
Sauvignon BlancGnocchi con Pomodorini e Basilico - Cherry Tomatoes & Basil
Sauvignon BlancTom Kha Goong Soup
Sauvignon BlancTom Kha Gai Soup
Sauvignon BlancCacio e Pepe - Pasta
Sauvignon BlancCorn Dog
Sauvignon BlancSea Bass
Sauvignon BlancPaella Mixta
Sauvignon BlancBun Mang Vit - Duck Soup - Vietnamese
Sauvignon BlancChicken Shawarma
Sauvignon BlancChicken Fried Steak
Sauvignon BlancChicken Alfredo
Sauvignon BlancSkittles
Sauvignon BlancSpaghetti alle Vongole

Sauvignon Blanc & Grilled Asparagus Pairing

In the past, Sauvignon Blanc, particularly those from South Africa, had deep notes of Asparagus. In recent years, producers have moved away from these notes, but Sauvignon Blanc still has a pungent green flavour or grassy notes (think freshly mowed lawn) that complements Asparagus.

Asparagus, due to its pungency, is a difficult to pair up with wine, however, the complementary nature of Sauvignon Blanc ensures the two make for a great match. The mineral notes and smoky of Sauvignon Blanc makes it excellent wine pairing with grilled Asparagus.

Sauvignon Blanc’s acidity and grassy flavours make it excellent with a wide variety of vegetable dishes, whether they include Asparagus or not.  Chopped green salads, vegetable soups, antipasto platters, vegetable medleys, and pizza loaded with green bell peppers and zucchini are all remarkable with Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc & Guacamole Pairing

The herbal notes of Sauvignon Blanc make it a natural pairing with the rich green flavours of avocado.  Typically, lemon juice is added to Guacamole to prevent it from turning brown and adding a dash of zing to the mix.  When you introduce Sauvignon Blanc to the mix, the fresh creamy Guacamole flavours will really stand out.

Avocado is naturally fatty, and the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc allows it to wash easily away from your taste buds, making each bite of whatever you are tasting, such as corn chips, tacos or burritos,  taste fresh.  The crisp and citrus flavours of Sauvignon Blanc will also keep your mouth cleaned of any salt or starch accompanying your Guacamole, creating a wonderful atmosphere to devour your delicious food.

Sauvignon Blanc & Herbed Lemon Chicken Pairing

Highly acidic, Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic pairing with Chicken as it will make the subtle poultry flavours of your chicken taste more vibrant and alive.  It’s easy to overcook chicken, and the refreshing flavours of Sauvignon Blanc easily mask any dryness of the poultry, making for a better meal.  Meanwhile, the herbal and grassy notes of Sauvignon Blanc will complement any herbs scattered about your chicken dish.

Finally, Sauvignon Blanc will complement any vegetable side dishes accompanying your chicken, such as asparagus, salad, or a medley of grilled bell peppers and zucchini.  Thus, if you are eating clean, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc will help taste the food more exciting, and offer more incentive to enjoy simple dishes like this more often.

No matter how your Chicken is cooked or seasoned, Sauvignon Blanc will typically make an excellent pairing.  For example, the high acidity and herbaceous flavours will always ensure it goes well with even deep-fried chicken such as KFC (which is famously loaded with 11 secret herbs and spices)

For similar reasons, Sauvignon is an excellent wine pairing with Halibut in a pesto sauce.

Sauvignon Blanc & Crab Cakes Pairing

Crab Cakes require acidic white wines like Sauvignon Blanc to cut through the breading.  Without acidity, the third or fourth bite of your Crab Cake will end up tasting bland as your taste buds will be coated with carbohydrates.   With Sauvignon Blanc, the acidity keeps your palate cleansed, as well, it lifts up the subtle crab meat flavours, making them sing bright and loud.

Should you use an herbs in your Crab Cakes, such as dill, basil or thyme, the green herbaceous notes of Sauvignon Blanc will complement those flavours, creating  a marriage of fresh flavours within your mouth.

No matter what type of seafood you are eating, such as crab legs, mussels, lobster, shrimp scampi, or scallops, Sauvignon Blanc, and its vibrant acidity, will always make for an excellent pairing.

Sauvignon Blanc & Pasta Primavera Pairing

Pasta Primavera is a pasta dish featuring a sauce that uses lots of spring veggies, such as bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, garlic, onions, and broccoli.  The sauce is then served over tri-coloured noodles.

Pasta Primavera pairs well with an acidic and crisp white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc, as oaked white wines will crush the delicate spring-like flavours of your Primavera sauce.  Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, electrifies the individual vegetable flavours making them taste even more fresh and grandiouse!

With notes of herbs, green bell pepper, mineral and asparagus, Sauvignon Blanc complements the green flavours of your Primavera sauce, which makes this pairing even more exceptional.