Marsanne is an excellent wine pairing with Mushroom Risotto, French Onion Soup, Chicken in a Cream Sauce, Lobster, and Ham.

Full-bodied, and high in alcohol, French Marsanne packs an aromatic punch, with rich flavours of apple, pineapple, tropical fruit, marzipan, nuts and peaches. Marsanne is a silky white wine that is soft, waxy and lush.

As Marsanne is full-bodied, you want to serve it chilled, but not ice-cold as cold temperatures will mute its pear, peach, lemon-curd and toasted nut flavours. Between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit is the best serving temperature for Marsanne.

Marsanne outside of France might be produced in a light and fresh style.  For lighter styles of Marsanne, you’ll want to pair it up with poached white fish, or fresh seafood such as mussels, shrimp or crab.

Best Food with Marsanne