Salmon Burgers pair best with citrusy and crisp white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, an Unoaked Chardonnay, or Riesling. For red wine with a Salmon Burger, you won’t find anything better than a Pinot Noir, however, a light Beaujolais Villages will also be a fantastic pairing. Rosé and Salmon Burgers also make for an incredible pairing, especially for a lunchtime meal on a sunny but shaded patio. All of these wines are acidic, which is important as it ensures they will cut through the oily salmon flavours.

Best Wine with Salmon Burgers

White WineSauvignon BlancSalmon Burgers
Red WinePinot NoirSalmon Burgers
White WineChardonnay, UnoakedSalmon Burgers
White WineRieslingSalmon Burgers
BeerWheat BeerSalmon Burgers
BeerLagerSalmon Burgers
TeaTea, GreenSalmon Burgers
RoséRoséSalmon Burgers
Red WineBeaujolaisSalmon Burgers
BeerPale AleSalmon Burgers
BeerGoseSalmon Burgers
BeerBerliner WeisseSalmon Burgers
BeerPilsnerSalmon Burgers
White WineGrüner VeltlinerSalmon Burgers

Salmon Burgers & Sauvignon Blanc Pairing

A Sauvignon Blanc is a must-have with salmon burgers. For one thing, Sauvignon Blanc has a green, herbal fragrance and flavour, so it’ll blend nicely with the fresh parsley, dill or basil mixed into your Salmon patties.   Sauvignon Blanc is also acidic and tart, complementing any lemon juice used in the creation of your Salmon Burger patty.  With refreshing flavours of lemon, grapefruit, nectarine and peach, Sauvignon Blanc will certainly keep you focused on the deep flavours of your Salmon Burger.  Meanwhile, the wine also showcases flavours of smoke, which will complement any grilled Salmon Burgers.

Lighter white wines, like Pinot Grigio, don’t hold up to the rich flavours of Salmon, and the delicate flavours of the wine get drowned out.  Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, is high in acidity, so not only will it hold up to the meaty flavours of Salmon, but it also washes the fats away in between bites.

Chardonnay & Salmon Burger Pairing

With its tropical flavours, an unoaked Chardonnay will have no issue dealing with Salmon Burgers. The acidity of the wine will cut right through the richness of Salmon while at the same time releasing complex aromas, including green apple, mango, pear, and pineapple. This makes the entire pairing taste fresh and vibrant.

For grilled Salmon burgers where you also want to highlight the bun, it’s on, you might want to reach for an oaked Chardonnay as oak has a unique way of rounding out sharp edges, making for something smooth and delicious. The hints of toast, vanilla and butter also complement the bread used in the bun, along with the char marks on your grilled Salmon Burger.

Pinot Noir & Salmon Burgers

For Red wine, an Oregon Pinot Noir has incredible bright flavours of dark cherry, plum and raspberry, along with subtle notes of earth, smoke and truffle that complement grilled Salmon Burgers perfectly.

Pinot Noirs are extremely food-friendly, and pairing it up with a Salmon Burger is no exception.  The smooth Pinot Noir seals the deal on a Salmon Burger that will entice your guests with its first bite!

The only problem with Pinot Noir is that it is not cheap for a good bottle. I wouldn’t buy anything less than $30 (actually, that’s a lie, I tend to stick to $45 and above). Bottles of Pinot Noir under $20 tend to take shortcuts and come across more candied and artificial, rather than elegant and mesmerizing as the real thing should.

Rosé Wine & Salmon Burgers Pairing

A Rosé wine, when in doubt, seems to go with everything, and Salmon Burgers are no exception. While Rosé appears to be sweet, it is typically dry, sharp, and crisp. Full of fresh berry fruit flavour on the nose, including cherry, raspberry and strawberry, Rosé is extremely refreshing when paired against the rich oil content of a Salmon burger.

The acidity also works hard, cutting through the healthy oil content found in salmon flesh, while the lively berry notes hold up to the rich salmon flavours.

Rosé from France will often feature a bit of herbs and citrus, which makes it wonderful with Salmon Burgers prepared with lemon juice and herbs. White pepper, mineral, peach and watermelon round up some of the other flavours for this perfect summer afternoon sipper.

Riesling and Salmon Burger Pairing

Riesling is an acidic white wine full of bright lemon, lime, peach, melon and mango flavours, along with notes of petrol, mineral and honey.  Salmon Burgers are rich with their meaty and salty flavours, so the lean acidity of Riesling works well to dilute those bold salmon flavours.

Rieslings are also crisp on the palate, a natural fit for Salmon Burgers that will refresh you long after your meal is over. Salmon Burgers can be cooked in any way imaginable: grilled, barbecued or fried, but they all share one common characteristic – they tend to be fairly oily from the fatty salmon flesh, which means that Riesling’s high acidity cuts through this richness like a knife.

The range of styles in Riesling makes them particularly versatile as there’s something out there for every taste.  However, my preference with a Salmon Burger would be a dry Riesling that tastes fresh, with no hint of sweetness.  If you prefer a slightly sweet version of Riesling, pick up an off-dry Riesling.