Montefalco Rosso is a Sangiovese (60%-70-%) and Sagrantino (10%) blend that pairs best with braised beef, sausage, veal chops, wild boar, and spaghettie alla carbonara.  Montefalco Rosso must contain a minimum of 10% Sagrantino, which adds flavours of pine tar and blackberry jam to the classic cherry, plum, herb and leather flavours of Sangiovese.  Sagrantino adds a touch of sweeter tannin which are ready to drink right out of the bottle.  If you like Chianti, give Montefalco Rosso a try, as the added blend of Sagrantino adds a touch of sweetness and savoury from this brambly grape.

Wines labeled Sagrantino di Montefalco are completely different wine than Montefalco Rosso.  This style of red wine is 100% Sagrantino and is like nothing else offered by Italy.  These are dark and sappy red wines that are full-bodied and packed with sweet tannin (meaning you don’t need to age this wine).  Sagrantino di Montefalco is also quite rare.  Only 400 acres of vines exist in Italy.  Pair Sagrantino with a rich and meaty Ragù, wild boar pasta loaded with truffles, duck, meatloaf, venison stew and lamb chops.

Best Food with Montefalco Rosso

Montefalco Rosso DOCBeef Braised
Montefalco Rosso DOCTonnarelli Cacio e Pepe
Montefalco Rosso DOCSausage
Montefalco Rosso DOCProsciutto
Montefalco Rosso DOCRabbit
Montefalco Rosso DOCLamb Chops
Montefalco Rosso DOCHamburgers
Montefalco Rosso DOCVeal
Montefalco Rosso DOCBeef Rib Roast
Montefalco Rosso DOCRisotto with Truffles
Montefalco Rosso DOCLasagna
Montefalco Rosso DOCOxtail
Montefalco Rosso DOCWild Boar
Montefalco Rosso DOCCoda alla Vaccinara - Oxtail Stew
Montefalco Rosso DOCSalami
Montefalco Rosso DOCPasta Carbonara
Montefalco Rosso DOCPasta with Tomato Sauce
Montefalco Rosso DOCGame
Montefalco Rosso DOCRoast Beef
Montefalco Rosso DOCPenne all'Arrabbiata
Montefalco Rosso DOCGrilled Vegetables
Montefalco Rosso DOCTortellini
Montefalco Rosso DOCTagliata di Manzo
Montefalco Rosso DOCGrilled Steak

Best Food with Sagrantino di Montefalco

Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoLasagne with Truffles
PassitoSagrantino di Montefalco PassitoTiramisu
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoTagliatelle al Ragu
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoCold Cuts
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoTruffles
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoPizza with Sausage
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoVenison
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoMeatloaf
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoHamburgers
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoSalami
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoWild Mushrooms
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoPasta
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoCold Cut Sandwich
Dessert WineSagrantino di Montefalco PassitoTootsie Rolls
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoPecorino Cheese
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoLamb Chops
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoDuck
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoRabbit
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoWild Boar
Red WineSagrantino di MontefalcoRibeye Steak