Welsh Rarebit pairs best with the beer you made it with, along with sparkling wine, hard cider, Grenache, or a GSM red wine blend.

Welsh Rarebit, also known as Welsh Rabbit, is a classic British dish of hot cheese sauce served over toasted bread.  Every pub will have its own recipe for the cheese sauce, which may contain beer, wine, butter, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, beaten eggs or paprika.  You can eat Welsh Rarebit as an appetizer on its own, or it can be made as part of a sandwich, such as an open faced turkey sandwich with the cheese mixture poured over it.

Welsh Rarebit may also be modified and called other things such as Blushing Bunny (Welsh Rarebit made with tomato soup) or Buck Rarebit (served with a fried egg over easy).  In Canada, we love our English Muffins, and for a snack I often make this Welsh Rarebit Cheese and Bacon English Muffin recipe.

Best Wine with Welsh Rarebit

Sparkling WineSparkling WineWelsh Rarebit
BeerPorterWelsh Rarebit
BeerIrish StoutWelsh Rarebit
Red WineGrenacheWelsh Rarebit
OtherHard CiderWelsh Rarebit
BeerAmber AleWelsh Rarebit
Red WineCôtes du Rhône, RedWelsh Rarebit
Red WineGrenache Shiraz Merlot (GSM)Welsh Rarebit
White WineSauvignon GrisWelsh Rarebit