The best wines to pair with Zurcher Geschnetzeltes are a buttery Chardonnay or an earthy and funky Pinot Noir.

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes is a Swiss dish made from Veal, a creamy white wine sauce and mushrooms.  It is typically served with Rosti, which is the Swiss version of Hash Browns.

Best Wine with Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

White Burgundy & Zurcher Geschnetzeltes Pairing

A White Burgundy might not be the best pairing with Veal, however, it will go great with the creamy white wine sauce accompanying your Veal. The creamy and silky body of White Burgundy complements the sauce, while flavours of butter, toast, earth, chalk, minerals, hazelnut, and lemon infiltrate your senses, driving you wild. The buttery flavours of the wine are also amazing if you include Rosti (Swiss Hash Browns) as your side.
Full-bodied in nature, a White Burgundy can stand up to the Veal; however, I don’t feel the white will make the meat taste any better, and this pairing is more geared towards the white wine mushroom sauce.
If you can’t find a White Burgundy, a mid-range Chardonnay from California will do the trick. California Chards are slightly higher in alcohol and less earthy than White Burgundy. Plus, they tend to be a little more buttery, as we Americans love our oak.

Pinot Noir & Zurcher Geschnetzeltes Pairing

Pinot Noir goes great with the tender flavours of Veal, as this red wine is light in body and refreshing with its notes of strawberry and cherry. Pinot Noir also has notes of truffle, mushrooms and forest floor, which go great with the mushroom sauce. The tannin level in Pinot Noir is low, meaning it won’t curdle any cream in your mushroom sauce.
If you are more interested in tasting the Veal than the creamy mushroom sauce, Pinot Noir is the way to go vs a Chardonnay. I give this pairing four stars, which makes for a good pairing. If there is no cream in your sauce, you can bump it up half a star.