Full-bodied whites like a buttery Chardonnay or an oaked Chenin Blanc along with tropical fruit and peachy whites like Viognier pair best with Cornbread. Meanwhile, jammy reds like Shiraz, or a fruity Pinot Noir, add a touch of strawberry/raspberry fruitiness to your slice of Cornbread.

Cornbread is a popular comfort food in the southern states of America, and it’s no wonder as this delicious bread makes the perfect side to a wide variety of other comfort foods such as roasted pork, chilli , fried chicken or mac and cheese.  Sweet and Savoury, Cornbread might also taste a bit sour if buttermilk or sour cream is used to make it.

Best Wine Pairing with Cornbread

White WineChardonnayCornbread
White WineChenin BlancCornbread
White WineViognierCornbread
Sparkling WineProseccoCornbread
Red WineShirazCornbread
Red WinePinot NoirCornbread
Red WineBeaujolais VillagesCornbread

Oaked Chardonnay & Cornbread Pairing

An Oaked Chardonnay has toasty and buttery flavours that complement the sweetness of the milled corn, along with the savoury cornbread flavours.  Round in texture, a chilled glass of Chardonnay matches the weight of your cornbread, while imparting refreshing flavours of apple, pear, lemon, vanilla and peaches.

When pairing Chardonnay with cornbread, I prefer a wine from a warmer region, such as California, which will be fuller in body.

Chenin Blanc & Cornbread Pairing

An oaked Chenin Blanc pairs well with Cornbread as this white wine has a lip-smacking buttered popcorn flavour that complements a warm slice of Corn Bread.  Chenin Blanc also delivers wonderful peach, melon, pear, and green apple flavours that get soaked up by the bread and provides a similar contrast like marmalade would.

High in acidity, Chenin Blanc is refreshing as it shears through the dense carbohydrates of your Cornbread.  High acidity ensures each bite of bread tastes as delicious as the first as it removes all the fats and carbohydrates that clog up your taste buds.

Viognier & Cornbread Pairing

Viognier pairs well with Cornbread as this full-bodied white wine has a creamy texture with toasty vanilla notes that jive well with the natural sweetness of Cornbread.  Bursting with vibrant flavours of peach, tangerine, honeysuckle and pear, Viognier adds an extra bit of life to each bite of your crumbly cornbread.

Viognier is low in acidity, but it is still lively enough to come across as refreshing when paired with a warm slice of Cornbread slathered in butter.  Viognier is also an excellent match with many other dishes that Cornbread might accompany such as mac and cheese, fried chicken, pork tenderloin or seafood jambalaya.

Shiraz & Corn Bread Pairing

Shiraz is a delicious wine pairing with Cornbread as the bread soaks up all the jammy flavours of raspberry and blackberry that Shiraz offers.  If you’re new to making cornbread, it’s easy to goof up and make it too dry.  Leftover Cornbread tends to dry out quick as well.  With a glass of Shiraz, dry cornbread isn’t a problem as the refreshing flavours of the wine will soften the bread in your mouth.

If your Cornbread is accompanying a glass of chili, beefsteak, or something meaty, the peppery notes of Shiraz will add an additional bit of seasoning to the cornbread and meat dish making for a wonderful pairing.

Pinot Noir & Cornbread Pairing

Good Pinot Noir is hella expensive, so it’s not my first wine pairing choice with Cornbread, unless the bread accompanying a larger meal, or you live and breath for Cornbread alone.

Pinot Noir is an excellent wine pairing with Cornbread as this wine is light, fruity, earthy, and acidic.  The strawberry and cherry flavours of Pinot Noir are excellent with Cornbread, while the acidity of the wine cuts through all the carbohydrates and fats, keeping your mouth refreshed.

The light flavours of Pinot Noir make it excellent lighter meats like ham, turkey, salmon, or chicken, making Pinot Noir an excellent wine to serve up at Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile, the earthier notes of Pinot Noir make it exceptional with bacon and mushroom dishes where Cornbread might be served on the side.

Never buy cheap Pinot Noir!  It’s often mass-produced and loaded up with artificial flavours and colourings that mock the real deal.  If budget is an issue, seek out a Beaujolais-Villages to pair with your Cornbread.  It’s often half the price of Pinot Noir but offers 85% of the qualities that make Pinot Noir so special.