Petite Filet pairs up with mature red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône, Merlot, and Rioja Reserva. Lighter reds with a touch of earthiness such as Pinot Noir and Chianti Classico pair up nice with Petite Filet as well.

Petite Beef Filet ranges from about 6 to 8 ounces of steak and is a mini version of Filet Mignon. The Petite Filet varies in that it is less expensive, originates from the calf’s chuck (shoulder) area, and cooks up remarkably quickly due to its small size. You’ll get a flavorful and juicy cut of meat, similar to fillet mignon. This steak’s other names include Teres Major, Petite Tender, Bistro Filet, and Shoulder Tender.

It was uncommon to see Petite Filet in shops or restaurants because processing facilities and butchers had to work hard to obtain this cut. But it is gaining ground.

Best Wine with Petit Filet

Red WineBordeaux AOC RedPetite Tender
Red WineMerlotPetite Tender
Red WineChianti (DOCG) Petite Tender
Red WinePinot NoirPetite Tender
Red WineCabernet SauvignonPetite Tender
Red WineRioja ReservaPetite Tender
Red WineMalbecPetite Tender
Red WineCôtes du Rhône, RedPetite Tender
Red WineRibera del Duero - ReservaPetite Tender
Red WineValpolicella SuperiorePetite Tender

Bordeaux & Petit Filet Pairing

Bordeaux is a French red wine blend of five grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Intended to be food-friendly, Bordeaux showcases the best features of each grape, making it a fantastic match with Petit Filet.

When selecting a Bordeaux, look for a right-bank Bordeaux, which is a softer red wine that is Merlot dominant. You’ll want a softer red wine as Petit Filet is not heavy in fat, meaning there isn’t enough weight in the steak to tame its youthful tannic sharpness. Fattier cuts of beef like a NY Strip Steak or a roast-beef dinner are more suited for wines that are heavier in tannin.

Left-Bank Bordeaux, which is Cabernet Sauvignon dominant, is also appropriate, however, it will need to be aged, so the tannin is softened.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Filet Pairing

A mature Cabernet Sauvignon, where the tannin has been smoothed out, makes for a fantastic wine pairing with Petit Filet. Petit Filet is not a fatty cut of beef; thus, it does not have enough heft to tame a loud and tannic Cabernet Sauvignon. An older Cabernet Sauvignon, however, will jive perfectly with savoury steak flavours and exhibit delicious flavours of plum and blackcurrant to keep your mouth refreshed in between bites. The subtle notes of leather, menthol, cigar box and pencil shavings of the Cabernet Sauvignon will shine bright in your glass of red wine and add even more interest to each bite of your steak.

Merlot & Petit Filet Pairing

A medium-bodied Merlot with notes of plum and chocolate is just what the doctor ordered when sitting down to a perfectly cooked cut of Petit Filet. The juicy flavours of the wine mesh perfectly with the juicy and beefy flavours of the steak. Meanwhile, your Merlot’s silky and supple texture matches up perfectly with this lean and soft steak.

Chianti Classico & Petit Filet Pairing

Chianti Classico pairs well with Petit Filet as it’s medium-bodied, fruity, earthy, and balanced with tannin and acidity. With Chianti Classico, the tannin is always smooth right out of the bottle, and the high acidity ensures you taste all the juicy meat flavours.

Rich and satiny with smooth flavours of cherry, smoke, leather, plum, coffee and spice, Chianti delivers a rustic charm while remaining fruity and upbeat. If you want to focus more on the flavours of the steak, Chianti won’t get in the way. However, if you want a little more depth to explore, Chianti will deliver that experience, provided you take in all it has to offer.

Côtes du Rhône & Petite Filet Pairing

Côtes du Rhône is a blended red wine from Rhône Valley of France. The dominant grape with Côtes du Rhône tends to be Grenache, but it may also have 22 other grape varietals blended in. Thus, the flavour profile is bound to vary from producer to producer.

Côtes du Rhône is specifically made to be enjoyed with food, which is why it works so well with Petite Filet. Ready to drink out of the bottle and medium-bodied, Côtes du Rhône is dry yet juicy without overshadowing the subtle flavours of your Petite Filet.

For flavour, expect Côtes du Rhône to deliver notes of raspberry, strawberry, spice, black pepper, earth, herbs, meat and cassis. To improve your pairing, look for bottles marked Côtes du Rhônes-Villages, which are often of higher quality.