A Reuben sandwich pairs best with crisp white wines with a hint of sweetness, such as a Gewürztraminer, Riesling, or a sparkling wine.  Light and fruity reds with tons of acidity and served chilled, like an Italian Zweigelt, French Beaujolais Villages or a Pinot Noir, also make excellent wine pairings with a Rueben sandwich.

Full of flavour, the Reuben sandwich is composed of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing which is then grilled between two slices of rye bread.  This sandwich is high in fat, and often enjoyed at lunch with a side plate of French fries.

Best Wine with a Reuben Sandwich

White WineGewürztraminerReuben Sandwich
Red WineMencíaReuben Sandwich
Sparkling WineProseccoReuben Sandwich
Sparkling WineCavaReuben Sandwich
White WineRieslingReuben Sandwich
Red WinePinot NoirReuben Sandwich
Red WineBeaujolais VillagesReuben Sandwich
Red WineZweigeltReuben Sandwich
Red WineBonarda - ItalianReuben Sandwich
White WinePinot GrisReuben Sandwich
White WineAssyrtikoReuben Sandwich

Gewürztraminer & Reuben Sandwich Pairing

With a Reuben sandwich, the most suggested white wine pairing is Gewürztraminer, which has a spicy and smoky flavour that complements the savoury corned beef flavours. Gewürztraminer ranges between be dry or sweet, and for a Reuben Sandwich, I recommend an off-dry Gewürztraminer that is ever so slightly sweet.  The slight sweetness of an off-dry Gewurztraminer complements the sweetness of the Rye bread while providing a refreshing contrast to the salty corned meat.

Lychee flavours are the most prominent element of Gewürztraminer, followed by citrus, pineapple, honey, ginger, and cinnamon notes. The fruity flavours of Gewürztraminer provide a welcome counterpoint to a Reuben sandwich that might be dry due to the starchy, herbaceous taste of Rye bread. Gewürztraminer’s acidity also works hard to keep your taste receptors alive by washing away the fat content of the corned beef, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.

Gewürztraminer isn’t a popular wine in North America due to its strong Lychee personality.  Thus, if you are serving your Reuben sandwich at a banquet (such as a quick lunch before a golf tournament), I’d select a more recognizable white wine, such as a Riesling.  For your own personal dining, however, Gewürztraminer is an excellent choice!

Cava & Reuben Sandwich Pairing

A Reuben sandwich’s fat, protein, and carbohydrates can easily clog up your taste senses. As the meal progresses, you will taste less of the sandwich, making it less satisfying. Cava ends this problem immediately since the sparkling wine’s bubbles, combined with its crisp acidity, leave your taste buds open and clear to transfer the Reuben’s delicious flavours to your brain.

Meanwhile, Cava’s acidity dances across the landscape of the Reuben Meal, sharpening all of the distinct flavours of the bread, meat, cheese, sauerkraut, and dressing, resulting in a really enjoyable sandwich.

Any sparkling wine will work with a Reuben sandwich, however, I chose a Spanish Cava for this pairing as it’s inexpensive yet tasty.  Cava’s lively flavours include lemon, apple, pears and melon.  You’ll also find wonderful notes of earth, almond, toast and yeast, which all mingle well with the rye bread and corned beef.

Beaujolais & Reuben Sandwich Pairing

Beaujolais Villages pairs well with a Reuben sandwich as it’s light, fruity and has plenty of acidity so that it will not clash with the sharp and vinegar-based sauerkraut.  Tannic red wines don’t jive with acidic ingredients, as the sour flavours will make the wine taste flabby and metallic.  The acidity

Beaujolais’ lovely acidity adds lots of freshness to the sandwich’s flavours while keeping your mouth refreshed against all the proteins, carbs, and fats in this classic deli sandwich.

Aside from tasting like cherries, strawberries and raspberries, Beaujolais Villages also has notes of spice, earth and flowers which complement the caraway seed and earthier flavours of the rye bread.

Zweigelt & Reuben Sandwich Pairing

Zweigelt is an Austrian red wine that is vibrant but acidic. Zweigelt is akin to Grenache or Gamay in flavour and is rarely oaked. The dark cherry flavours and spice overtones in Zweigelt suit the rye bread perfectly. Furthermore, Zweigelt’s acidity blends wonderfully with the melting Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and salty corned beef, bringing out new flavours you may not have recognized previously.

Smooth, rich and round in flavour, Zweigelt delivers moderate notes of black pepper, spice, cinnamon, plum, cherry, strawberry and anise which complement and contrast the savoury Rueben Sandwich flavours of your sandwich.

Riesling & Reuben Sandwich Pairing

An off-dry Riesling is my favourite wine pairing with a Reuben Sandwich.  I enjoy how the whisper of sweetness of an off-dry Riesling complements the flavourful Rye bread.  Meanwhile, the lime, lemon, peach and pear flavours, along with the wine’s higher acidity, provide refreshment while also shining a spotlight on all the individual components of your Reuben sandwich.

I give the wine pairing of a Rueben Sandwich and Riesling four stars as the true star of the show here is the sandwich itself.  When wolfing down a Reuben sandwich, I don’t want to drink a wine that distracts me as the sandwich is flavourful enough.  Instead, I want a crisp wine like Riesling to provide refreshment while also ensuring my taste buds are alert throughout the meal.