Pinot Gris pairs best with chicken, fish (especially Salmon), pork tenderloin, quiche, shellfish like clams, oysters and mussels, and finally, veal. Spicy Indian cuisine and Asian cuisine (such as sushi) are also exceptional with Pinot Gris.

Pinot Gris is produced all over the world, and in California and Australia you’ll often find it to be dry light-bodied, and fruity with flavours of melon, peach, apricot and lemon.  In Italy, Pinot Gris is referred to as Pinot Grigio and is also light-bodied with more muted fruit flavours and a higher emphasis on minerality and floral notes.  Finally, in Alsace France, Pinot Gris is a fuller-bodied white wine with a sweeter fruit profile of lemon, peach and honey.

In our table below, our pairings cater more towards the common light and dry style of Pinot Grigio, unless specified otherwise.

Best Food with Pinot Gris

Pinot GrisClams
Pinot GrisFish
Pinot Gris, AlsaceFoie Gras
Pinot GrisSeafood in a Cream Sauce
Pinot GrisDuck a L'Orange
Pinot GrisGrilled Chicken Skewers
Pinot GrisCrispy Roast Pig
Pinot GrisCrab Legs
Pinot GrisCorned Beef & Cabbage
Pinot GrisSalmon
Pinot GrisSalad with a Citrus
Pinot Gris, AlsaceBacon
Pinot GrisOmelette with Ham & Mushroom
Pinot GrisQuiche
Pinot Gris, AlsaceAbondance Cheese
Pinot GrisAppenzeller Cheese
Pinot GrisJalapeño Chilie
Pinot Gris, AlsacePotato Salad
Pinot Gris, AlsaceApple
Pinot Gris, AlsaceChoucroute Garnie
Pinot Gris, AlsaceArtichoke
Pinot Gris, AlsacePont-L'eveque Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceCorn
Pinot GrisEthiopian Cuisine
Pinot GrisFennel
Pinot Gris, AlsaceComté Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceCantal Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceFoie Gras Terrine Torchon Pâté
Pinot GrisHot Dogs
Pinot GrisLobster
Pinot GrisMussels
Pinot Gris, AlsaceOnion
Pinot Gris, AlsacePork
Pinot GrisSausage
Pinot GrisScallops
Pinot GrisSea Bass
Pinot GrisSmoked Salmon
Pinot GrisFrench Onion Soup
Pinot GrisThyme
Pinot GrisVeal
Pinot GrisVeal With Cream Sauce
Pinot GrisVegetarian Dishes
Pinot GrisVietnamese Cuisine
Pinot GrisHalibut
Pinot Gris, AlsaceOnion Tart
Pinot GrisPheasant Normade
Frankstein Grand Cru - Pinot GrisChicken in a Morel Sauce
Frankstein Grand Cru - Pinot GrisQuail
Frankstein Grand Cru - Pinot GrisSweetbreads
Frankstein Grand Cru - Pinot GrisPan Fried Foie Gras
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisLamb Curry Dishes
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisSaint Jacques with Saffron Sauce
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisDuck a L'Orange
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisTagine with Prunes
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisRoquefort Cheese
Pinot GrisMushroom Stuffed Dumplings
Pinot GrisCauliflower Soup
Pinot GrisPork Tenderloin
Pinot GrisGnocchi in a Sage & Butter Sauce
Pinot GrisRavioli
Pinot GrisTom Kha Goong Soup
Pinot GrisTom Kha Gai Soup
Pinot GrisWaldorf Salad
Pinot GrisChicken Korma
Pinot GrisChicken Peri Peri
Pinot Gris, AlsaceNew England Clam Chowder (Creamy)
Pinot GrisGoi Bap Cai Chay - Spicy Cabbage Salad
Pinot GrisMasala Fish Curry
Pinot GrisHkauk Sw? Thouk
Pinot GrisPeking Chicken
Pinot Gris, AlsaceBaked Lemon Chicken
Pinot Gris, AlsaceWiener Schnitzel
Pinot GrisLamb Curry Dishes
Pinot GrisAperitif
Pinot GrisAsparagus
Pinot GrisAvocado
Pinot Gris, AlsaceBeets
Pinot GrisBrandade
Pinot GrisCapers
Pinot GrisCatfish
Pinot Gris, AlsaceCaviar
Pinot GrisCauliflower
Pinot GrisCeviche
Pinot GrisCharcuterie
Pinot GrisChevre Cheese
Pinot GrisChicken Alfredo
Pinot GrisFeta Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceMaroilles Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceMontenebero Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceMuenster Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceSbrinz Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceSwiss Cheese
Pinot GrisVacherin Cheese
Pinot Gris, AlsaceVacherin Cheese
Pinot GrisChicken in a Cream Sauce
Pinot GrisFried Chicken
Pinot GrisGrilled Chicken
Pinot GrisRoasted Chicken
Pinot GrisChicken Tagine
Pinot GrisChilesv
Pinot GrisSerrano Chilie
Pinot GrisChives
Pinot GrisCilantro
Pinot GrisCoconut
Pinot GrisCoconut Milk
Pinot GrisCornish Game Hen
Pinot GrisCouscous
Pinot GrisCrab
Pinot Gris, AlsaceCranberries and Cranberry Sauce
Pinot GrisCream Dishes/Sauces
Pinot Gris, AlsaceCreole Cuisine
Pinot GrisCurry Dishes
Pinot GrisDill
Pinot GrisEgg Foo Yung
Pinot GrisEggs and Egg Based Dishes
Pinot Gris, AlsaceOmelette
Pinot Gris, AlsaceFoie Gras Roasted or Seared
Pinot GrisTomato Soup
Pinot GrisFruit Sauces
Pinot GrisGame Birds
Pinot Gris, AlsaceGravlax
Pinot Gris, AlsaceHoney
Pinot GrisJicama
Pinot GrisLamb Kebabs
Pinot GrisMahi-Mahi
Pinot GrisShitake Mushrooms
Pinot GrisMustard
Pinot GrisPasta with Cheese Sauce
Pinot GrisPesto
Pinot GrisPork
Pinot GrisGrilled Pork Chops
Pinot GrisRoasted Pork Chops
Pinot GrisPork Roasted
Pinot GrisRabbit Stewed
Pinot GrisSag Paneer
Pinot GrisSalad
Pinot GrisBérnaise
Pinot Gris, AlsaceHollandaise Sauce
Pinot GrisSpicy Sausage
Pinot GrisSeafood
Pinot GrisShellfish
Pinot GrisShrimp
Pinot GrisFish Smoked
Pinot GrisNew England Clam Chowder (Creamy)
Pinot GrisCucumber Soup (cold)
Pinot GrisStriped Bass
Pinot GrisThai Cuisine
Pinot GrisTrout
Pinot GrisTuna Carpaccio
Pinot GrisTuna Tartare
Pinot GrisVeal with Morels
Pinot GrisVeal Roasted
Pinot GrisButternut Squash Soup
Pinot Gris, AlsaceChicken Curry Dishes
Eichberg Grand Cru - Pinot GrisFruit Tart
Pinot GrisPad Thai
Pinot GrisTom Yum Soup
Pinot GrisChimichanga
Pinot GrisReuben Sandwich
Pinot GrisVeal Chops
Pinot GrisPaella Negra - Black Paella
Pinot GrisPike
Pinot GrisGimbap

Steamed Clams & Pinot Gris Pairing

The high acidity of Pinot Gris makes it a great pair with Steamed Clams as the zippy flavours of Pinot Gris lift up the tangy clam flavours. The minerality and chalkiness of Pinot Gris also complements the pleasant saltiness of the clam meat.

Grilled Chicken Skewers & Pinot Gris Pairing

Similar to an Alsace Pinot Gris, grilled chicken skewers (or kebabs) have multiple layers, such as the charred flavours of the chicken, the tender chicken meat, and the endless array of vegetables you can load up on your skewers. The high acidity of Pinot Gris ensures this white wine will mingle well with any veggies on your skewers, whether it be green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes or red onion.

The expressive notes of lemon, apricot, pear and honey add their charm to the neutral chicken meat, while the hint of smoky aromatics complements the grilled flesh of the veggies and chicken.

Salmon & Pinot Gris Pairing

A full-bodied Alsace or Oregon Pinot Gris is amazing with Salmon (particularly Chinook Salmon, which is the fattiest and most flavourful Salmon) as the wine’s acidity balances the oily richness of the Salmon meat. The broad lineup of flavours, such as pear, apricot, apple, honey, candied lemon, spice, mineral, and smoke add a zesty spiciness to the Salmon’s distinctive taste without overwhelming those rich flavours we love.

Pinot Gris is also exceptional with Smoked Salmon!

Pork Tenderloin & Pinot Gris Pairing

Pork Tenderloin features subtle flavours that are not as “porky” as you’d find in bacon or pork chops. A layered Pinot Gris has a crisp acidity which lifts the subtle pork flavours to the front of the line, where you can appreciate their earthy sweetness. Apricot, citrus, peach and pear from the wine will dance effortlessly as it sways and swirls across your taste buds with the delicious pork flavours.

The smoky and mineral notes of Pinot Gris are what I love the most, as they are hidden behind the floral and aromatic fruit notes of the wine. However, when you introduce an earthy meat, such as pork, those smoky and mineral flavours are drawn out, adding complexity to this pairing that you will want to enjoy again and again.

If your Pork Tenderloin is stuffed, this pairing works even better, as the stuffing mix will play nice with the layers of flavour found in Pinot Gris.

Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette and Pinot Gris Pairing

The citrus flavours of Pinot Gris complement the citrus vinaigrette, while the high acidity of Pinot Gris holds up to the sharp and tangy dressing. Wines that are lower in acidity and aged in oak, where you’ll find a lot of tannin, will taste too sharp and inhospitable when matched up with a salad dressed up with a vinaigrette.

The high acidity of Pinot Gris also ensures it will match up nicely with whatever veggies and ingredients you toss in your salad, such as spinach, lettuce, arugula, chopped chicken, egg, and so on.

What’s the difference between Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris?

The main difference between Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio is that Pinot Gris is bolder in flavour.

Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are the same grape and are very similar, depending on the country of origin, you may see some slight differences in how they are presented. Below are examples of what you can expect from the more famous regions.

Italian Pinot Grigio

Italian Pinot Grigio has a higher acidity, is much drier, and the flavour profile is subtle with an emphasis on citrus, pear and mineral flavours. Italian Pinot Grigio is light to medium-bodied and meant for casual drinking. If I were comparing it to beer, I’d categorize it as ‘light beer’. Italian Pinot Grigio pairs best with simple salads, antipasto, and light fish, chicken, and seafood dishes.

Alsace, France Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris from Alsace France is a full-bodied, dry white wine featuring layers of flavour such as apricot, citrus, honey, flowers, nuts, peach, pear, spice, smoke, stone and mineral. Like Italian Pinot Grigio, the acidity is also high. Alsace also has late harvest Pinot Gris which will be sweet. Alsace Pinot Gris are more serious efforts and demand attention. The layers of full-bodied flavour, along with the smoky and mineral notes, make Alsace Pinot Gris lovely with salmon, bacon and oysters.

Notable producers of Alsace Pinot Gris include Zind Humbrecht, Trimbach, Helfrich, Domaine Ostertag and Pierre Sparr.

Oregon Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris from Oregon will be light to medium-bodied, with less acidity than France and Italy, but bolder fruit flavours and a buttery or rich texture as many vineyards use malolactic fermentation. Oregon consists of smaller vineyards, and thus their Pinot Gris is made with quality and care. Oregon Pinot Gris is exceptional with salmon, stuffed medallions of pork tenderloin and creamy chicken pasta.

My favourite producers of Oregon Pinot Gris include Elk Cove, Oak Knoll and Knudsen Vineyards.

California Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

California Pinot Gris takes the ‘light beer’ approach of Italy and the bolder fruit flavours of Oregon when making their Pinot Gris. I wouldn’t say California is known for their Pinot Gris, and most wineries are just releasing something to compete with Italian Pinot Grigio, but more matched towards American tastes in that it focuses more on fruit flavours and less on minerality, smoke, and spice.

California may label their wine Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio. For food pairings, stick to simple salads, grilled veggies, and light chicken or pork dishes with California Pinot Gris. You will find smaller vineyards in California producing exceptional Pinot Gris (Bryon Vineyard springs to mind), and I would pair these with bolder seafood dishes and chicken or pork dishes.

Other Pinot Gris Regions

You’ll also find Pinot Gris produced in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Slovenia, and Canada. These regions aren’t notable for their Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio, and vary from producer (although if you are in Canada, I highly recommend Fielding Estate Pinot Gris).

What’s the difference between Pinot Gris & Chardonnay?

Chardonnay is considered a full-bodied white wine and is often oaked where you’ll find toasty notes of vanilla and butter, along with tropical fruit, apple and peach flavours.  California Pinot Gris, on the other hand, is a lighter-bodied white wine featuring zesty notes of apricot, citrus, peach and pear.  Medium to Fuller bodied Pinot Gris from Oregon and Alsace will also taste zestier than Chardonnay, and feature flower, mineral and smoky notes.

Pinot Gris is rarely oaked, however, you’ll always find exceptions depending on the producer.

How Many Calories are in a Glass of Pinot Gris?

A 5oz glass of Pinot Gris from California has approximately 123 calories.

Is Pinot Gris Sweet?

Pinot Gris from Alsace, France is considered sweet.  Pinot Gris from Oregon, California, and Australia are considered fruity and dry.