Roussanne pairs best with Bouillabaisse, Cauliflower Steak, French Onion Soup, Grouper, Shellfish and Turkey.

French Roussanne from the Rhône Valley is a full-bodied but moderate wine with medium acidity.  Creamy yet crisp, Roussanne smells like apricot, herbs, honey, lemon, melon, pear and peach.  You’ll often find Roussanne blended with Marsanne.

Best Food with Roussanne

Baked Chicken in a Cream Sauce & Roussanne Pairing

Roussanne makes a wonderful pairing with Baked Chicken in a Cream Sauce, as Roussanne has a creamy and silky body to complement the cream sauce.  Furthermore, you get wonderful flavours of lemon, lime, apricot, peach and pear to contrast the mild poultry flavours without overwhelming them.

If you’ve used herbs when cooking your Baked Chicken, even better, as Roussanne has herbal and grassy notes to synergize with any seasonings with your baked chicken.

Lobster and Roussanne Pairing

Roussanne makes a wonderful pairing with Lobster dipped in butter, as this white wine is silky and rich, so it supports the texture and mouthfeel of the Lobster. Meanwhile, Roussanne has delicious notes of apricot, lemon, lime and pear, which not only sharpen the flavours of the Lobster but also offer a refreshing contrast.

Mild in flavour, Roussanne will still hold up to the slightly sweet and salty flavours of your Lobster, however, it will never overwhelm them either. The medium acidity of Roussanne will also scrub your mouth clean of the butter flavours in between bites, ensuring your next bite tastes as fresh as your first serving.

French Onion Soup and Roussanne Pairing

French Onion Soup is bombastic, and the citrus, melon, pear and peach flavours of Roussanne serve up some relief against the strong bready, cheesy and savoury onion flavours of the soup. Meanwhile, the creamy and rich texture of Roussanne supports the rich and flavourful texture of the French Onion Soup.  With plenty of acidity, Roussanne will also come across as refreshing against the salty and strongly flavoured soup base.

Finally, Roussanne has a pleasant grassy herbal and chamomile edge which goes nicely with the tasty onion flavours of the soup.