Vermentino is a quiet but moderate white wine that pairs best with seafood, pesto sauce, pork tenderloin, fish, salads and pasta dishes featuring vegetables.  Commonly a dry wine, Vermentino features aromas of herbs, lemon, minerals, nuts, flowers, pears and pepper.  On the finish, Vermentino has a bitter grapefruit finish.

If you love Sauvignon Blanc or Grüner Veltliner, you’ll enjoy Vermentino!  However, Vermentino is also a tricky wine to track down. The majority of Vermentino is from Italy, however, you’ll also find it produced in France, California, and Spain.

Best Food with Vermentino

White WineVermentinoChicken Tacos
White WineVermentinoRakfisk
White WineVermentino LiguriaPansoti pasta with a walnut sauce
White WineVermentinoSpinach Quiche
White WineVermentinoFish Tacos
White WineVermentinoDolmades with Olives and Feta
White WineVermentinoRoasted Quail over Mashed Parsnip
White WineVermentinoCarpaccio Di Pesce
White WineVermentinoRoasted Trout with Garlic & Rosemary
White WineVermentinoGrilled Octopus
White WineVermentinoThod Mun Pla
White WineVermentinoSpinach & Ricotta Ravioli
White WineVermentinoCrab Cakes
White WineVermentinoRoasted Zucchini with garlic and Herbs
White WineVermentinoGrouper
White WineVermentinoFennel Spiced Pork Sausage
White WineVermentinoBuffalo Mozzarella
White WineVermentinoMashed Parsnip
White WineVermentinoRoasted Asparagus
White WineVermentinoCreamy Leek Soup
White WineVermentinoSpaghetti alle Vongole
White WineVermentinoHalibut with Pesto Sauce
White WineVermentinoPork Tenderloin
White WineVermentinoGinger
White WineVermentinoVitello Tonnato - (Veal with Tuna Sauce)
White WineVermentinoHalibut
White WineVermentinoFeta Cheese
White WineVermentinoSunchokes
White WineVermentinoCalamari
White WineVermentinoCaesar Salad
White WineVermentinoCrudité
White WineVermentinoHummus
White WineVermentinoCilantro
White WineVermentinoRicotta Cheese
White WineVermentinoGoat Cheese
White WineVermentinoWhite Beans
White WineVermentinoFried Mussels
White WineVermentinoTabbouleh Salad
White WineVermentinoCaprese Salad
White WineVermentinoShallot
White WineVermentinoAlmonds
White WineVermentinoIka - SquidSushi/Sashimi
White WineVermentinoClams
White WineVermentino LiguriaGrilled Sea Bass
White WineVermentinoGreen Beans
White WineVermentinoPasta Primavera
White WineVermentinoPecorino Cheese
White WineVermentinoChicken Kiev
White WineVermentinoBanh Gio - Pork and rice dumpling
White WineVermentinoCorn
White WineVermentinoPenne all'Arrabbiata
White WineVermentinoPasta with Pesto Sauce
White WineVermentinoFocaccia
White WineVermentinoFalafel
White WineVermentinoBrin D'Amour Cheese
White WineVermentinoGyozas
White WineVermentinoProsciutto with Melon
White WineVermentinoPesto
White WineVermentinoFritto Misto di Mare
White WineVermentino LiguriaUni - Sea Urchin Sushi/Sashimi
White WineVermentinoSquid Fried
White WineVermentinoRosemary
White WineVermentinoSage
White WineVermentinoCroque Monsieur
White WineVermentinoParsley
White WineVermentinoSalmon Grilled on a Cedar Plank
White WineVermentinoFried Chicken
White WineVermentinoTangerine
White WineVermentinoEnchiladas
White WineLate Harvest VermentinoSpaghetti alle Vongole (with tomatoes)
White WineVermentinoLobster
White WineVermentinoSea Bass
Sparkling WineVermentinoFried Foods
White WineVermentinoCashews
White WineVermentinoMarjoram
White WineVermentinoShrimp Scampi
White WineVermentinoCauliflower

Chicken Tacos & Vermentino Pairing

Chicken Tacos include a lot of flavours, however, chicken is the real star.  The high acidity of Vermentino ensures you taste the mild chicken flavours, as well as all of the other ingredients in your Chicken Tacos, whether that is tomatoes, refried beans, rice, grilled bell peppers, onions or cilantro.

The lemon, lime and tropical fruit flavours ensure you are continuously refreshed while eating your chicken tacos, as the acidity of the wine washes all the fats and carbohydrates away.  Meanwhile, the herbal notes complement all the delicious vegetables in your Chicken Tacos.

Vermentino & Halibut in Pesto Sauce Pairing

The herbal nature of Vermentino, along with its notes of almonds and minerals make it an excellent wine pairing with Pesto Sauce.  The herbal nature fits in well with basil and garlic of the pesto sauce while the almond flavours are delicious with the toasted pine nuts.

Vermentino is also a great wine to pair with Halibut as this mild fish acts like a sponge in that it absorbs the flavours of whatever it is paired up with.  With Halibut having delicate but sweet flavours, it takes on a new personality as it soaks up the quiet notes of green apple, citrus and tropical fruits found in Vermentino.

Spinach Quiche and Vermentino

Vermentino is an incredibly veggie-friendly white wine that pairs well with spinach quiche provided it’s not overly loaded with cheese, cream, or bacon.  For this pairing to work, spinach needs to be a dominant flavour, as the heavy notes of ham, cream and cheese will crush the moderate Vermentino flavours.

Soft in texture, Vermentino complements the eggy texture of quiche, while the bitter almond finish, along with the herbal and mineral flavours complement the green flavours of the spinach.  The high-acidity of Vermentino brings out the best of all the ingredients in the quiche, bringing out the best in every flavour.

Pork Tenderloin & Vermentino Pairing

Vermentino is an excellent wine pairing with Pork Tenderloin as the moderate flavours of this white wine won’t wipe out the mild flavours of the Pork.  Pork Tenderloin contains very little fat, meaning there isn’t much flavour.  As such, Pork Tenderloin tends to be stuffed with ingredients such as apples, apricots, nuts, herbs, or pears to add more flavour and to prevent the meat from drying out.  Featuring notes of green apple, citrus, herbs, nuts and melon, Vermentino will complement nearly anything you stuff your Pork Tenderloin with while remaining light enough to never overwhelm the delicate pork flavours.

Roasted Asparagus & Vermentino Pairing

The soft and creamy body of Vermentino is downright delicious with the fire-roasted flavours of Asparagus.  Meanwhile, the bitter almond, herb, and mineral notes of Vermentino complement the green flavours of Asparagus.  Finally, the refreshing notes of pear, melon, grapefruit and lemon offer relief against the sharp flavours of this vegetable, making Vermentino an excellent wine pairing with Asparagus.

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