Crisp white wines that cut through the filling, sour cream and cheese such as Riesling, Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc pair best with classic Potato and Cheese Perogies.  Meanwhile, if your Perogies are topped with lots of bacon, pan-fried onions and shredded cheese, acidic red wines like Pinot Noir, Beaujolais-Villages and Cabernet Franc are delicious with Perogies.

There is a whole wide world of other tasty Perogies creations that are stuffed with pork, ground beef, spinach, strawberries, plums, kielbasa, cabbage, or chicken.  These versions of Perogies will have different wine recommendations, as you can see from the table below.  New pairings are frequently added, and for the most up-to-date pairings, check out my food & wine pairing database.

Best Wine with Pergogies

White WineRieslingCabbage & Kielbasa Perogies
White WineChardonnayPerogies
White WineSauvignon BlancChicken Perogies
Red WineMalbecPerogies with Ground Beef
White WineChenin Blanc, Loire ValleyCabbage & Kielbasa Perogies
Red WinePinot NoirPerogies
Red WinePinot NoirMushroom Perogies
Red WineCabernet FrancPerogies
BeerAmber AlePerogies
White WineSauvignon BlancSpinach Perogies
SherrySherry, FinoPerogies
White WineRieslingPerogies
White WineChardonnayChicken Perogies
Red WineZinfandelPerogies with Ground Beef
White WineViognierPerogies
Red WineZinfandelPork Perogies
White WineGewürztraminerCabbage & Kielbasa Perogies
White WineAlbariñoCabbage & Kielbasa Perogies

Chardonnay & Perogies Pairing

A buttery and toasty Chardonnay pairs well with Perogies as the rich flavours complement the buttery flavours pan-fried Perogies.  You’ll also have notes of smoke, nuts and yeast which complement the crispy browned shell of your Perogies, along with any melted cheese.

Meanwhile, the touch of apple, lime and peach flavours, along with the vanilla sweetness in a Chardonnay will offer a pleasant contrast to the Caramelized onions.  Chardonnay is a full-bodied and has a round in flavour, which matches the rich flavours of this dish.

Riesling & Perogies Loaded with Cheese, Sauerkraut, Bacon & Sour Cream

An off-dry Riesling is often the #1 choice with fully loaded Perogies as the high acidity and crisp flavours of lime, lemon, and green apple cut through all the rich flavours of butter, bacon, gooey cheese, sour cream and caramelized onions.  Meanwhile, the perceived sweetness of this wine will work nicely with the sweetness of the caramelized onions.

The refreshing acidity of Riesling highlights all the great flavours of this dish, such as the cheese, bacon and potato, and makes everything stand out.  Without the acidity, by the time you reach your second Perogy, your taste buds will be coated with so much fat and carbohydrates that it will be difficult to taste the remaining Perogies.  However, with one sip of Riesling, your senses are fully restored as the acidity scrubs all that fat from your taste buds.

Sauerkraut and Sour Cream are acidic condiments and require a wine with a comparable amount of zip.  Otherwise, the wine will end up tasting flaccid and dull.  Fortunately, Riesling is loaded with acidity and will hold up to the tart flavours of the Sour Cream and Sauerkraut.

Wine enthusiasts will always recommend a German Riesling – and with good reason, the country makes some of the best Riesling in the world and at an acceptable price.  With Perogies, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the country of origin for your Perogies; any Riesling, such as one from South Africa, Austria, Alsace, Australia, Niagara, NY, California or Washington, will be delicious with your Perogies, provided it is dry or off-dry (ever so slightly sweet)

Pinot Noir & Perogies Topped with Bacon

Pinot Noir will pair well with Perogies loaded with crumbled Bacon.  Light and fruity, Pinot Noir is a refreshing red wine with lovely strawberry, cherry, and cranberry flavours.   However, Pinot Noir has an erotic dark side, as it features fleeting kisses of truffle, mushroom and earth that are amazing with the smoky bacon flavours topping your Perogies.

In most instances, Pinot Nor is acidic, meaning its silky flavours of raspberry, strawberry, and cherries will cut through the butter, bacon and cheesy fats of your Perogies.

Cabernet Franc & Perogies Pairing

Cabernet Franc isn’t the first wine that often springs to anyone’s mind when you think of Perogies, however, this tart red wine is exceptional with Potato Perogies topped with sour cream, cabbage and cheese.  Velvety, with fruity notes of raspberry, red cherries, blackberries, and plums, Cabernet Franc offers lots of refreshment against the exhausting wall of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that a loaded dish of Perogies delivers.

Aromas of green bell pepper, herbs and minerals also dominate Cabernet Franc, which makes it exceptional with any caramelized onions or cabbage topping your dish.

Cabernet Franc is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and / or Merlot – however, I highly recommend seeking out a single varietal from the Niagara region of Ontario, such as Pillitteri Estate, Tawse, or Château des Charmes.  These wineries make delicious Cabernet Franc, made right!

Viognier & Perogies Pairing

Viognier pairs well with Perogies that are pan fried in butter and topped with Cheddar Cheese. Viognier has a round, buttery and smooth texture that goes so well with the brown butter fried flavours of your Potato Perogies.  You’ll also find refreshing notes of apricot, citrus, honeysuckle, peach, tropical fruit and pear that deliver up an amazing contrast to the doughy Perogy flavours.

Viognier isn’t high in acidity, so it will fail with Perogies loaded with sauerkraut and tons of sour cream.  These condiments are acidic and will make your Viognier taste flat and dull.  Instead, pair up Viognier when you want to revel in the buttery and creamy goodness of homemade Perogies.